We are entering the second month of the new year. So…”How’s it working for you?” The promise of a better life seems to emerge from within us at the beginning of a new cycle. Be it a birthday, new home, new job, new relationship…or new year. We set intentions, objectives, make resolutions, or sometimes, just hope for the best; grateful that’s the end of that…whatever that was…while shifting into expectations for a brighter future.

The glimmer of a hope, a desire or of a greater possibility to be more of who we know is hidden somewhere inside, continues to ‘spring Eternal’ and what we do with what we’re feeling and thinking becomes the inner foundation for projection into outer forms of people, places, things and circumstances. I don’t know what it takes to eventually reach an inner saturation point…perhaps it’s the shift of balance that occurs when the pull of a greater idea is greater than the pain of staying the same. This can serve as the catalyst for catapulting ourselves into newness! Out of comfort and into risk taking…out of fear into faith. I love what Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Science of MInd had to say about fear. He said, “Fear is misplaced faith.” That simple…if I replace the depleting, weakening and debilitating feelings of fear, with discipline, spiritual effort and creative action, I truly can tap into and harness the inexhaustible energy of Divine Power, Strength, and a better life!

We each must find our own way to a better life of greater health, wealth, love, happiness and self-expression. And, to answer the “HOW” question: I don’t have your answer and you don’t have mine. But as sure as the wind blows and the snow falls, I know that the answer, clarity, inspiration and resilience abide within your Self. It’s the One True Self of all. It’s the Universal Matrix for the wholeness, completeness and totality of being which God Is, You Are, I Am and everything is. The key to a life of meaning and joy requires giving. Giving a bigger version of ourselves to ourselves through the gift of Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance. This requires forsaking the old story which always is prefaced by, “Yeah, but…you don’t get it…nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.” “That’s why I’m rendered helpless, weak, insecure, forsaken and alone.” It’s time for us all to ‘tell a bigger story.’ One that is composed of knowing and claiming that we are individualizations of Buddha Nature/Mind/Spirit/God!

My suggestion is to live it the way the song says. No matter what has been, was, or currently is…it’s time to… “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!” God so loved the world, he gave Its spiritual nature to it…7 billion strong…specializing Itself through all forms of plant, animal and human life. So, no more shrinking into smallness. Think, feel and activate yourself into the grandiose life of your dreams, which is the dream of the Life of God as you!

ACTION DOES IT: In the very instant I feel a resonant stirring of something within me that wants to emerge, I write it down as my SACRED INTENTION. I do this in the personal tense, I affirm it positively and I state it in the present. For example, if I commit to start walking 15 minutes every day, I would say: I Am excited to feel the energy of LIfe pulsate through me, as I see myself walking for and as my God Self…starting right here and right now…and then…“JUST DO IT!”

Much love and many blessings,
Dr. Sue

* REMINDER: To explore more ideas on this topic, as they personally relate to your life, e-mail me at: revsue@verizon.net.

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