May I be the first to wish everyone: A deepening Thanksgiving, happy dradle spinning on Hanukkah, congratulations on the inner light that dawns anew through the Winter Solstice, a prosperous Christmas with the Christ in MInd, a fun Boxing Day and a safe, conscious and sane New Year’s Eve…and while I’m at it: A Transformative Scene in 2015!

I Am committed to engaging the holidays with a new awareness of connection, compassion and cohesiveness. Because my Mother made her transition on December 22, for many years I allowed that to be my excuse for wishing the holidays away. As much as I intellectualized the rationality of doing otherwise, I was unwilling to give up lamenting and resistant to releasing the feeling that I had a darn good reason to be saddened and closed down. After all, my Mom would never see me married, be my ‘go to person,’ or experience her grandchildren by being my steady baby sitter. So, what I was really missing were the ‘goodies’ that I felt deprived of, by her passing when she did.

Refusal to give up or denying our selfishness and self-absorption is damaging to the innermost core of our Divine nature. This aspect of our Self longs to share and reveal its Infinite capacity for friendship, fun, generosity, giving and receiving. It’s a new day and I decided to kick it off with putting it out there for everyone. Here’s a brief ‘what if’ list of endless possibilities. You’ll know the ones that strike the loudest personal chord, so let this be ‘the start of something big!’

* What if, this time around, you forget whatever dynamics constituted your family of origin and your place and part in the mix. To know that was then and this is now is to demand an equivalent measure of words and actions. It’s the impulse to bring forth greater patience and forgiveness, and to relinquish the human impulse to ‘have the last word.’ And, while we’re at it, resist the temptation to conjure up those feelings of righteous indignation. What for? Who suffers? You do, I do. Resistance, anger, grudges really do us in…sooner or later. This year use them as an invitation to model the consciously kind, individualized expressions of God, we all are.

* What if, this year you made up your mind and heart to accept, really accept that the Essence of Unconditional Love really is what occupies every cell and atom of our being? In the instant we recognize this as the Truth, the onrush of a new perspective and new ways of relating FROM our Love Self cause us to rise to the occasion and to let go and gratefully let God be God as us. Let the Divine show Itself as our urge to go within, to ‘be still and know’ that it really is all OK…the capacity to look out from Godly eyes into the light that is looking back at us is available. A hug or maybe just a kindly touch of someone’s hand replaces those hot flashes of angry retaliation. Instead, we are reassuring ourselves and everyone that we really can evoke goodness at a moment’s notice.

* What if, this year you looked around our larger world and found someone or something that I promise, will catch your attention. And, what if it requires you and only you, to bring something to that person or situation that represents healing, help, encouragement, kindness and understanding. You’ll know, and you’ll humbly and devotedly step up into doing what the Divine wants done by means of you.

* And, What if…you simply ask…What is mine to do from my awakened state of deeply desiring to serve a greater idea? ‘Speak Lord, thy Servant heareth.’

My gift to all of you is this: I embrace every member of my Universal, Divine family with the awareness that each one is uplifted to a new state of God Consciousness/Christ Consciousness/Spiritual Truth. This Truth now reveals what each and every one is now guided to bring to the family of the earth in new ways of giving, sharing, contributing and seizing the opportunity to come alive to the true meaning of each and every holiday celebration. Each one is spiritually and deeply relevant and when viewed from high mindedness and a loving heart, each one finds their unique way to contribute to making the world a better place. For this and so much more than words can express, I give thanks, letting it be so and so it is!

Love, blessings galore…and yes, it’s true…you are the one that makes the difference!
Dr. Sue

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