Where do you go when you get that ‘far away look in your eyes?’ What secret rendezvous do you have, as you leave where you are to get to where you go? When you call it a wrap at day’s end, do you depart for a strange and different land? And, what is causing the brisk stirring of the autumn leaves on the tree outside my office window? It is good to ‘think on these things.’ It is a respite from the busyness of the day’s activities…’the pause that refreshes.’ Take a deep breath and let’s continue the journey together…

At spiritually focused workshops and classes, how often have we been invited to ‘go within.’ I have wondered so often, where exactly is that? The best that I can describe it today is that there are levels upon levels of cognition and awareness, from those we’re conscious of, to those subterranean and unconscious levels that escape our recognition. The deeper we go, the richer it gets, while at the same time, the deeper we go, the more unsettling the pathway within can become. That’s because within these deeper dimensions of our inner world, lie the painful memories we’ve probably worked diligently to keep at bay. Carl Jung explained it by saying, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious!” The darkness of the personality reality is where everything you and I have struggled to hide, avoid, pretend doesn’t exist, still lives. All those nasty little remembrances of our selfishness, cruelty, anger, fear and desperate insistence on self-preservation are jolted from where they were simply waiting to become ‘grist for the mill’ of our courageous awakening to a more skilled way of discovering and living a more ‘soul-full’ life.

On the spiritual side of our self, of our life as it is Divinely designed to be, is Spirit/Universal Mind/God/Buddha nature…hiding just around the corner from the punitive, accusatory part of our personality/ego. Ernest Holmes referred to ‘Ego’ in this way: “Ego, the I Am…the Real Consciousness of man. We use it merely to convey the thought of the inner man…the Real Self.” This is our escape hatch, our ‘secret place of the most high,’ the inner haven of peace, harmony, wisdom and compassion…our refuge from human struggle and strife. The trick, the answer, the healing, the liberation from mental, emotional and physical torment lies ‘not in the stars, but within ourselves!’ And, it is only through spiritual practices of silence, solitude, meticulous self-inquiry, meditation and conscious communion with our Universal Self, that we ‘tame the beast’ which has called the unconscious shots…up until now.

So, here’s the deal. I challenge you to do what no one can ever do for you…not any teacher, guru, saint, author, speaker, or self proclaimed or historical prophet. Take dominion of your own consciousness, as must I. We then shift the focus of our identity to a greater Reality and sense of Self, than what has previously been perceived. ‘I Am the One I have been waiting for’…God as me…and it’s a new day in which I begin to transcend the limitations that have blocked the flow of the Divine through me. I Am reassured by my soul remembrance that, “Lo, I Am with you always, even until the ends of the earth!”

We are either experiencing pain or possibilities. Pain lies in past memories or negative future expectations. Possibilities lie within present moment, conscious and consistent awareness of our inseparable oneness with the Great Mind/God/Spirit/Truth of our Being…this remains for all time, the one and only…’Truth that makes us free!’


I know how and where I’ve been. Where I go from here depends on this moment’s awareness of who I Am. My identity is now shifted into realization that there is only One Life/Power/Presence, which I call God/Spirit/Mind. I Am its living embodiment, its creative and perfect idea of itself as me. I breath in the sacredness of I Am, which is an individualization of all that God Is…love, wisdom, joy, peace, creativity and harmony. I stay awake, aware and attuned to the inner stirrings of my soul, which continues to steer me in the direction of that which contributes in ever greater ways to my wholeness and is a blessing and a benefit to one and all. I gratefully, let go and let God be God as me, declaring this Eternally Good and very good!

Love and blessings galore,
Dr. Sue Rubin

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