What are we listening for, with and to when we heed the perennial wisdom to, “Go within and listen to the still, small voice?” And, what about the invitation which precedes meditation to ‘go within’…within what exactly? What is the code that unlocks this mystery of experiencing the inner silence, stillness and sacredness of our innermost Being? Let’s find out.

In one sense we perceive ourselves as physical bodies with the capacity to think, feel and have human experiences which often mirror the specific roles we play in life…i.e. wife, husband, accountant, parent, artist. An Introduction can go something like this. “Hi, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Jane. Jane’s a school teacher, you know…and she and John have been married for twelve years and they have the two cutest boys who are six and eight. Did I mention that John’s an accountant? This represents an objective slant on our life based on the obvious…which is the factual information I’ve given you, so you’ll form conclusions about who I Am based on what I do, on what I predominantly want you to know, so you’ll treat me a certain way.

Then there’s another approach to life which takes into account that beneath my outer facade…beneath what I want you to see, there’s a whole other dimension to my nature. It is subjective, invisible, abstract and…unlimited. It is where I acknowledge, by whatever name I give it, my inner world of Divine Essence. This aspect of my higher nature doesn’t hold me tethered to the degree I hold proclaiming my academic prowess. Nor does it enslave me in memories of my past dastardly deeds. It is the place where the Great Spirit of Life…permanently pure, pristine and perfect…lives, as me. Its latent, spiritual qualities of unlimited potential and potency, simply require my recognition of their existence to leap into active expression through the portal of my own consciousness.

The ‘small still voice’ and the lure of going within are reference points to removing our attention from the rush, push and pressure to ‘get it done,’ hurry up, take care of business…’stress up.’ It’s the physical sense of ourselves relentlessly instigated by our egoic tendencies that drive the engine of our lives. When all the while, when we but pause, take a few deep breaths and bring our attention to the quiet One who abides in the ‘cave of our heart.’ It is God/Buddha Nature/Truth/Infinite One/Love beckoning us to dive underneath the human demanding self and into the Divine Ocean of Devotion. It is here the code is revealed, and I realize what I’m doing is entering higher, while at the same time broader and deeper realms of my own bottomless consciousness where I realize that there is only one Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, whole and complete and that life is the life I Am authentically living, today, tomorrow and always! And, that’s the way it really is.


Start today to take 10 minutes upon first awakening to secure yourself in the consciousness of God within. Sit upright, close your eyes, simply follow the movement of your breath in and out and if it feels helpful, you can use the anchor of counting one on the breath’s intake and counting two on the out breath. Or, you may be more inclined to take a short, spiritual mantra and repeat it, such as GOD IS on the intake of the breath and I AM on the out breath. If and when your mind wanders off, gently return to the breathing, counting or mantra repetition. As time goes on, gradually increase your meditation time. Let that evolve naturally as you start to crave the peace-filled silence and your developing capacity to listen to the ‘small, still voice’ that clearly directs and guides you forward with new thoughts, inclinations and insights and into an expanded grace-filled, calm and harmonious way of life.


I enter into the silence within, away from the busyness of my own thoughts or of life whirling all around me. I gently listen for the still, small voice of intuitive knowing which emerges out of the silence, informing me in new, expanded ways of clarity, calm and conscious connection to the One Power, the One Presence…God…Ultimate Good. I give thanks for entering a new and liberating stage of my own spiritual unfoldment, trusting the process, because I accept that I live in a friendly Universe which desires to fulfill Itself in tangible ways through and by means of me. I give thanks this is so and so it is.

Love and blessings galore,
Dr. Sue Rubin

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