Dr. Sue As Pastoral Counselor: When a deeper exploration into the hidden causation of the external experience of pain is necessary to discover, the trained Licensed and in this case Ordained Minister of the Science of Mind offers their Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling expertise in order to exchange the false belief the client has, either consciously or subconsciously, with a new and greater understanding and embodiment of a new belief whereby the client is empowered by identifying themselves as a spiritual Being, living in a spiritual Universe, governed by spiritual Law. Spiritual Mind Treatment is then used with its focus now geared to healing whatever needs to be healed and/or revealing whatever is important to understand in this new light of expanded Self-Knowing.


Dr. Sue as Teacher: Whether your desire is for a teacher par excellence trained in Science of MInd or in more generalized topical areas of speaking, Dr. Sue’s the one for you. Prosperity, Relationships, Uncovering Purpose and Meaning in Life, Creative Self-Expression, Decisiveness, and How to Effectively Master Bringing Spiritual Solutions to Human Problems, Dr. Sue is a dynamically energized clear messenger and facilitator of ancient and enduring principles of life, brought to today’s challenges of extraordinary change.

Dr. Sue’s Workshops encompass Meditation Made Easy, Changing Times/Changing Lives, True Abundance begins Within, Shifting From Just Working to High Creativity and From the Mediocre to the Magnanimous and Navigating From Cause to Effect. These are just a few samplings from the broad range of topics and themes that are available from Dr. Sue’s huge repertoire drawn from her twenty-five years as a Practitioner, Teacher and Minister in Dr. Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind.


Dr. Sue as Practitioner: A Licensed Practitioner trained accordingly in Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind is privileged to do “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” According to Dr. Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind Textbook Glossary, “Spiritual Mind Treatment is the art, science and process of freeing the mind from negation and fear, causing it to perceive the Ever-Presence of Divine Perfection.” Treatment may also be referred to as “Affirmative Prayer.” The basic components are the Recognition and Unification of our Real Self with the One Power, Presence and Principle of Life. The desired objective and reason for the “treatment” is then Declared and Affirmed into Universal Mind about the person involved. This is followed by a statement of Gratitude for the greater good which is already in existence in the situation and finally, there is an awareness of Release that frees the greater ideas stated, to be formed into the physical manifestation of greater health, wealth, happiness, harmony, love, etc., by the Universal Creative Mind of God operating in, through and as everyone and everything.


Dr. Sue as Mentor: Whether in the personal arena of life, or as it more specifically relates to Ministers desiring guidance and coaching in their roles as Spiritual Leaders and Directors of their spiritual communities, the fundamentals of the Principles that govern our lives and create our physical experiences are consistently applied. Change consciousness and you change conditions.

* In the case of all of the above services: Practitioner Work, Pastoral Counseling and Mentoring or Speaking and Teaching/Workshops…personally contact Dr. Sue for appointments and applicable fees. By phone at 805-368-7971 or by e-mail at: revsue@verizon.net

** Additionally, it is important to note that all Practitioner and Counseling/Mentoring services lend themselves equally effectively to phone conversations, personal appointments or by utilizing on-line E-Mail to achieve the client’s desired objective.

*** Dr. Sue was Licensed as a Science of Mind Practitioner in 1980, Licensed as a Minister in 1985 and Ordained in 1988. She received her Doctorate from International Centers for Spiritual Living, formerly Religious Science International in 2005.