If I knew then, what I know now…things would have turned out differently. No, they wouldn’t, because if you knew better you would have done better and you didn’t, so you couldn’t. This is a step in our initiation into how Life works. We start to understand what it means to live from the inside out…to connect the dots between spirit and matter, between invisible and visible worlds. Can we learn from the past, move on and finally get on with accepting the way it presently is? Can we see our way clear to taking complete responsibility for our consciousness becoming our experience? This isn’t about blame, ridicule, shame, guilt or self-denigration. This is about empowerment. The empowerment that history shows us through the stories of past heroes and heroines, all of whom point us to a life principle and quality of being which lives within ourselves and causes things to happen.

All stories, myths, fables and allegories provide a tangible marker to what the experience is really saying about our mental, emotional and spiritual state of being. Teachers such as Moses, who freed the Jews from years of Egyptian slavery, led them to emancipation and then went on to present…the 10 Commandments as a meant of establishing stable laws for the Israelites to live by. He was eventually followed by the evolutionary appearance of Jesus, the Christ, who came, not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it…through the power of love! What emerges as we grow in our own understanding is the continuity of the creative process. Everything comes from the same thing, but doesn’t remain the same in the things it keeps creating. There’s always more…more life, more love, more ideas, more courage and more awakening out of darkness into the light.

So what do you get when you mix the celebration of the Jewish festival of Passover with the Christian Resurrection? You get the message all teachers, saints, scholars, mystics and wise ones have been giving us through time immemorial. And, that is, don’t be fooled by outer conditions as the only reality. See, feel, sense beyond what you see, to the origin of what you’re looking at…which is always found within the invisible world of what you believe and how you perceive yourself. Rise and shine in the splendor of your true luminous nature. It becomes more and more apparent that outer conditions cannot lastingly be overcome with human domination and control power. Soul Power is the answer to every one of humanity’s problems. To awaken, to resurrect your inner perceptions of reality, stretching into a larger dimension, is to realize a true awakening to the spiritual magnificence of your humanity. This evokes a real and true sense of what gifts you have been given to share with the family of the earth. The way to honor and celebrate your illumined understanding of the Divine living through you and all creation is to: PAY IT FORWARD! Take what you now know you’ve been given as a gift laid at your feet by the indwelling Presence, cultivate it, develop it, fine tune it, make of its raw, Infinite potential, the thing of beauty it is. Some of the finest words spoken by the Christ were: “I and my Father/Source/Creator are One. I, of myself do nothing, it is the Father/Source/Creator within that does the works! The only Red Sea you have to part, so that it can flow into oneness is your sense of duality. The only tomb you are asked to come up and out of, is the one you’ve buried yourself in, which is composed of false ideas, erroneous beliefs, and an unthinkably low sense of Self. Today, commit to a ‘new way of thinking, a new way of living,’ by celebrating the dawning of a bright new integrative spirituality that is born out of yourself.

Declare: I Am awakened from the illusion. I realize that God/Spirit/Mind/Consciousness Is All That Is, and I Am Its living, loving, learning and ever-growing embodiment of joyous creativity and goodness. Gratefully, this is the way it really is…today, tomorrow and always!

Much love and many blessings,
Dr. Sue

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