If we wait long enough, another moment, day, month and year go by. While I was pondering my good intentions to give my grandkids more of my attention in their earlier years, they moved right along and now are starting high school and college. Procrastination, from its Latin derivation means ‘belonging to tomorrow.’ My question to myself: “Is my attitude of not ‘seizing the day’ here and now…is that my way of deferring my good, my ungood, my indifferent?” Do I believe I can keep all of that in abeyance, if I keep, putting off for tomorrow, the things that are calling me today?

In my spiritual work with clients, how often I have the opportunity to remind them (really me) of savoring the present, embodying the full joy and splendor of it, if for no other reason than to realize it’s what my inner world has inevitably drawn into the outer forms of the people, events and things that comprise my human experience. I believe in connecting the dots. I believe that I can no longer benefit from pretending that what I do with my thoughts, feelings and beliefs is apart from what shows up in my life. There no longer is anything coincidental about this, that, or anything. And, there is no longer an acceptable rationalization or validation for blaming others for the content and context of my own consciousness. The mirror of life all around me, is a reflection of what I know and believe I Am.

When I Am experiencing illness, limitation, financial lack or discord of any kind, I can’t get away with playing the ‘blame game’ anymore. My spiritual understanding causes me to step aside from playing victim and instead to perceive I still don’t ‘get it.’ That my identity is still operating under a human pattern of flaws, foibles and failures, and the Universal Creative MInd has no alternative but to return to me that which I have provided as the energy of my Self-Contemplation. On, the other hand, if my outer world is pleasantly productive and powerfully prosperous, I, again see the payoff to my daily practice of meditation, affirmative prayer, mindfulness and selfless service. I then humbly affirm my gratitude for my ever deeper awareness that wherever I Am, the Great Spirit of Life Is and It is joyously becoming more aware of Itself through and by means of me. Either way, whatever I think, say, do and see, my efforts are geared to doing it all with compassion, wisdom and kindness. Do you believe?


  1. Meditate daily, first thing in the morning. Discover a method that works for you, whether a contemplative meditation, or breath awareness by following the breath in and then out, or silent repetition of a mantra (God Is, I Am.) There is that within you, which when invited, answers what’s best for you, very concretely.
  2. Follow with a brief journaling time, objectifying your intention for the day and writing it, along with any predominant thoughts or feelings you are experiencing. Be as spiritually positive as possible.
  3. Develop the practice of spiritual mind treatment or affirmative prayer. Treat your mind and subsequently your life to a broader and brighter view of what is possible.
    For example:
    I Am an individualization of the Universal nature of Love, Intelligence, Creativity, Peace and Joy I personalize that which God Is, knowing I Am God’s means to live.
  4. Set about your day with intermittent reminders that regardless of what the outer is reporting, you are intact and at a moment’s notice, you can bring to conscious awareness the remembrance that wherever you are, the Power and Presence of God Is!
  5. Observe throughout the day how Life corresponds to who you know yourself to be! Be thankful and faith-full to how you are energetically directing the invisible world of cause and watch how your effects respond accordingly.

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I see myself inwardly as that which I truly Am…God’s means to live, express and flourish as part of a world that works more effectively for everyone. I Am Divinely endowed with all the qualities of the Divine nature and I make the best of what I Am already given. I Am dynamically and energetically creative, intelligent, loving, generous and forgiving. I remember to maintain and sustain my conscious contact with God for the sake of myself and all. I see beyond appearances to the Ultimate Reality that now and Eternally, God Is, I Am and everything works together for the collective good because this I Am declaring into Universal Mind, here and now. I give thanks this is the way it really is.

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Abundant and loving blessings during this and all seasons!
Dr. Sue

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