Ah, ’tis the season to be grateful, merry, to light the Menorah, adore the Christ while adorning the Christmas tree and…remember Kwanzaa and Bodhi Day. Meanwhile, political discord and discontent run rampant, a Philippine typhoon leaves thousands dead or devastated and…what if it’s all about Life providing a consistent and compelling wake up call to one and all.

Yes, we pitch in, we rally to the cause, we donate our dollars, food, supplies and there are volunteer groups like Team Rubicon, that show up with their unique military expertise to help clean up and initiate restoration. This I know to be true. It is impossible to solve the problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem…thank you Albert Einstein. Existing paradigms and systems just aren’t working any more. The old constructs are deteriorating and we are in the chasm between the demise of the old and the uncertainty of what comes next. I fervently believe the greater idea triumphs and it is an idea born out of the Universal field of Infinite potentiality which awaits formation and direction by sentient beings. Huh…whaddya mean? Our ordinary five sense awareness is impregnated with media reports social and otherwise, that elaborate upon the bad, the evil, the negative and the limited. It feeds on fear and aggravates that within us all that has our own sore spots related to fear.

And, with all this peripheral and very seductive visual and auditory bombardment, we can, if not vigilant and conscious, be convinced…life is tough and there’s no way out. On, the other hand, beneath the surface of what the senses are reporting and deeply imbedded in our ground of being there resides a vast, open and spacious area of creativity, wonder, freedom, peace, love and wisdom. It’s safely tucked in what Eastern teachings refer to as the ‘cave of the heart.’ The intellect will not take you there, what it can do is open the door to ‘bigger thinking and higher contemplations’ of what is available not through the physical senses, but through their equivalents, our spiritual senses. This is where through spiritual practices of meditation, silence, contemplation, mindfulness, generosity and selfless service, I turn to my Divine nature where I can see the invisible, hear the inaudible, touch the intangible and resonate with the realization that there really is a greater purpose for my life, than what may previously or currently be showing up.

I invite you to partake of what can be referred to as the Divine Alliance…the seeing beyond the obvious to the way Life really works from the inner consciousness of oneness, intelligence and love to what out pictures in our world of experience. I invoke this awakened principle of certitude, whereby we become convinced of the efficacy and necessity of observing life from the indwelling Truth of our Infinite Being. From this vantage point, we cultivate the fine spiritual art of uncovering the perfection, order, answers and solutions which truly do exist when we access higher mindedness. Affirm with certitude that your greater good awaits your recognition of it in order to blossom fully and completely…just as the one cruse of oil the Hebrews had expanded into eight blessed nights still being celebrated. Let the true adoration of the Christ child herald our personal birthing of our soul-full, spiritually enriched awareness of ourselves as the consciousness of Universal Life, Light and Love in action, today, tomorrow and forever!


  1. …Imagine yourself daily, first and foremost…doing your 5 to 30 minute meditation…not guided, musically induced, just you quietly aware of your breathing, or silently repeating a mantra: Om, God Is, I Am, Shalom, I Am Oneness, I Am Peace, take your pick.
  2. …Use your journal notebook to declare your intention for the day, i.e.: Today I remain calm, clear thinking and consciously aware of my Oneness with the Divine.
  3. … Write an affirmation to support the expression and manifestation of your daily intention. ***An affirmation is always, in the Present Tense, Personal Tense and Positive. Today I Am the personification and action of the harmony, balance and wisdom of God as me.
  4. …Read something that you find spiritually enlightening, perhaps one of the ancient scriptures, or a daily meditation from a magazine such as Science of Mind or Creative Thought (purchased as your local Center for Spiritual Awareness)
  5. …”Carpe Diem!” Go about your business with the assurance you have set the tone and established a firm inner foundation for what is to follow!
  6. …During the course of the day, if outer circumstances look as if they are succeeding in derailing you from your stated intention, take a moment by yourself to take a few deep breaths, calm down, Repeat your affirmation or create a new one, such as. I remain calm and centered within my higher Self, regardless of temporary outer circumstances. I Am true to that which I Quintessentially Am: The individualization of the Divine in human form!

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I see myself inwardly as that which I truly Am…God’s means to live, express and flourish as part of a world that works more effectively for everyone. I Am Divinely endowed with all the qualities of the Divine nature and I make the best of what I Am already given. I Am dynamically and energetically creative, intelligent, loving, generous and forgiving. I remember to maintain and sustain my conscious contact with God for the sake of myself and all. I see beyond appearances to the Ultimate Reality that now and Eternally, God Is, I Am and everything works together for the collective good because this I Am declaring into Universal Mind, here and now. I give thanks this is the way it really is.

* REMINDER: To explore more ideas on this topic, as they personally relate to your life, e-mail me at: revsue@verizon.net.

Happy All Holy/Holidays with much love and many blessings,
Dr. Sue

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