The calendar reports it’s the month of hearts, flowers and ‘sweets to the sweet.’ Love is in some of the air and we’d all like a whiff of it. When you take pause and deeply inquire, “What’s love got to do with it…” you know the answer is…EVERYTHING! You and I are evidence of the degree of love that is being experienced in the world today. What…you say? Yes, it’s spiritually true, the world is a reflection of what I Am perceiving about myself…in other words, the world is a reaction to the action I Am involved with in my interior world of consciousness. We see the world not at it is, but as we are.

I know we don’t always like to be brought to ‘home base’ with these kind of metaphysical messages…and yet they are true. As much of anything that I give to this world is as much as I believe I have to give, in any specific moment in time. If I feel ‘put upon,’ out of sorts, disconcerted and disconnected, that is the energetic pattern of my worldly words and actions…and the world’s reaction to them. If, on the other hand, I feel my oneness with all Life, if I feel buoyed up by the realization that each moment I live offers new opportunities to shine and radiate the energy of love, life and enlightened awareness, everyone and everything around me starts shimmering in the glow of my recognition that It really matters how I conduct myself, since we really are all in this together.

So, be your own lover today and every day. Lavish yourself with the conscious awareness that the loving, Ever-Presence of God is forever right where you are…living and breathing Itself into conscious being through and by means of you. The world needs what you have to give as a consciously aware Being of Wholeness, who is here in earthly form to proclaim the Divine harmony and allness of That Which Is. Recognize and welcome the Divine in everything and everyone you encounter…yes, in everything. When judgement is withdrawn, love finds entry into the lives of one and all, through your beneficent Presence of loveliness! Enjoy that dark chocolate bon bon…it too is deliciously Divine!

SPIRITUALLY MINDFUL ACTION: Today my exercise is to resist my human temptation to withdraw my kindness, compassion and generosity of Spirit because I don’t like what I see. Instead, upon observing my impulse to withhold, I take a deep breath and I consciously declare the Truth from deep within my soul: I cease and desist criticizing what I see, and in its human place I know the spiritual reality of that upon which I kindly feast my eyes: What stands before me as this person or situation is my curriculum for transformation. I exchange separation for oneness and I declare that God is the all and everything that I see, feel and acknowledge as what is in front of me. I bestow my kind, gentle and wise thoughts about it, upon it and in this moment, “I, as I Am lifted (to high mindedness) lift all those around me” (to receptivity to this high mindedness).

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER: i stop seeing myself, my life and those around me as ‘less than.” I take a sharp turn to the side of myself that sees and “loves what is,” knowing It’s All God! I develop the fine art of converting human frailties and weaknesses into the radiance of God’s Presence showing up as people, places and things. My reality shifts along with my thoughts about it and suddenly my world is luminous with the Life, Light and Love of God in expression…in, through and all around me. I give thanks this is so and that’s the way it really is!

* REMINDER: To explore more ideas on this topic, as they personally relate to your life, e-mail me at: revsue@verizon.net.

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