In times of deeper introspection “The ONE Thing” becomes apparent. According to Gary Keller’s wonderful book by that name, he poses the question? “What is the One Thing, that if you did it, makes everything else easier or unnecessary?” Think about it.

After a spectacular time with my family at the Centers for Spiritual Living Convention recently, in Salt Lake City, I had an epiphany. I might add, that is where I received the Centers’ Meritorious Minister of the Year Award…Excuse me, while I take this moment of shameless promotion!

When I returned home and started putting my tax documents in enough order to present to my accountant, I came to the realization, that this past year has been all about teaching, speaking, mentoring, and in retrospect so have the two years before. While I Am Absolutely grateful for the ongoing creative opportunities to be a spokesperson for the ‘Divine/human,’ I realized the “One Thing” in my life that appeared to be missing from the picture was BALANCE. I have consistently answered every lovely request to ‘dress up and show up’ and in that creative process, leisurely recreation, specifically designed with me in Mind, has been at a minimum.

So, I decided to dedicate my times of daily, spiritual practice to the One Thing Principle…to discovering what is it that my soul is calling forth by means of me, out of Its own longing for Its greater realization? And, when chosen, what One Thing would put everything else in my life more into Divine Grace and Ease? We ask and receive not, because we ask amiss. We ask, when slightly or greatly out of alignment with what it is that Life is desiring to express by means of us…that is more inclusively expansive, joyful and freeing. The reminder for me is always related to asking bigger questions, in order to receive more focused and direct answers that address the REAL Issue at hand.

I realized in my quiet and mindful times, that my feeling tired, having periodic times of sensing I’ve been pushing myself, and of even experiencing bouts of edginess and impatience, all stemmed from my desire for ‘time off for good behavior!’ And, then it clicked: “IT’S TIME TO TAKE A CRUISE!” And, so my fellow travelers on the spiritual path, that is exactly what I Am doing. And, I already feel the liberating sense of everything in me affirming: “Yes, you’ve got It! And, by acting in my own best interests, I provide myself as a clearer vehicle through which the Infinite shows up as the finite, for the benefit of myself and others! I will keep you posted on Facebook and this site…by cultivating greater adeptness at using my IPhone for sights and scenes of my travels.

PRAYERFUL PRACTICE: Spiritual Mind Treatment in the first person, knowing this is the Eternal Truth about your True Self:

I value the inner space of that within myself and all, which is a sacred, evolutionary field of unlimited, Divine power and possibility…designed for conscious, human use! Through my commitment to ‘doing the inner, spiritual work,’ I deeply ask the important questions that clearly represent ‘the One Thing’ that is of greater value and significance that all other things. I know the One Thing is my reverence for and ever deeper, personal relationship with the Universal Nature of Spirit/Mind/God…as me. I ask and I receive the Divine guidance and direction that represent God’s illumined Idea of Itself, as me, as all I do. I courageously follow the path, picking up all the subtle and obvious clues along the way, I Am safe, I Am secure, I Am loved…because I Am steeped in Spirit and It is the Divine Presence Itself which always goes before me on the path, making the way straight and joyous. I give thanks, I release and I let go, joyously letting God be Itself through and by means of me! And, that’s the way it really is!

Much love, many blessings…and “All Aboard!”
Dr. Sue

* If I can be of assistance in offering spiritual tips and tools to put The Four Questions to work in your life, contact me: revsue@verizon.net.

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