When one makes a shift in perception from material to soul sense, everything changes. This may occur as a clear, conscious decision or through more attention getting physical occurrences. The veil is lifted, the illusions start dissolving, the grass is greener, the sky bluer and…recognition of the sheer beauty and uniqueness radiating on your own and every other human face is apparent.

When the blinders come off and the fear based, egoic inclinations are quieted, we truly do see the world always works for everyone…depending on how each one works for the world. There seems to be that within us which, if left to its own human devices will scheme and connive on how to ‘get’ what it needs to survive…no matter what. Life goes on until there is an initiation into a shift in perception from purely p hysical to specifically spiritual.

In the sixties and later, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Beatles invited us to shift gears from western linear thought into quieter, heartfelt states through Transcendental Meditation. We discovered the value and meaning of Seva…selfless service. Books were written, retreats were held, tales were told of another life that was possible to be discovered and lived by anyone who choose to quiet the mind and to see things from an inner space of peace and poise…within which oneness with the “Force” could be sensed. The Divine bar was, as always, set high, and we were reminded that what it took to experience enlightenment was to love God within our own Being as the Self each fundamentally Is; and then to go forth and express it by loving our neighbor as ourselves…our neighbor being everywhere…no exceptions!

Many paths to the indwelling One Spirit/Mind/Truth/God are available…and my initial step was TM. My next stop in the mid-70’s was a Religious Science Church and Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind. The Universal Principle of Oneness, the Field of unlimited potentiality is Real to the one who believes it is Real. I, along with Ernest Holmes and so many others do declare, in a variety of ways that, “There is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is Perfect, that Life is my life now.” And, I add…this has always been and it shall always be…with or without our endorsement or acceptance.

I offer the suggestion that we are already awakened and quickened to the indwelling Spirit; the innermost Ground of Being. We are “turned on and tuned in” and deep inside we resonate when we hear or read that we are Divine emanations of the One Presence and Universal Power I choose to call God. The trick is to stay awake and give up whatever resistance or fear holds you back from being that which you are and yearn to be! Let us together stand firm in our commitment to spiritual practice through prayer, meditation, visioning, mindfulness, silence, study, service and compassion. Let us cultivate the fine art and science of constantly living from the inside out. Let us relentlessly rely on the inner Essence which through us, offers not only guidance, but greater aliveness, freedom and authenticity. Let us more consistently embody and demonstrate, “The Thing Itself.” Welcome the bigger vision and version of your Divine nature by being willing to be its instrument of dynamic creativity and wisdom that becomes the clarion call echoing throughout Eternity…God Is, I Am…All Are, I Am!

SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Breath Awareness continues to be an excellent practice which increases our capacity to stay in the present moment. With your eyes closed, simply follow the breath as it enters your body through your nostrils, hold for a few seconds and release it through your open mouth. Keep gently noticing: breath in, breath out and if your attention drifts, gently bring it back to: Breath in, Hold, Breath Out. When we let our natural body rhythm establish its own pace and timing, and we are simply noticing this activity, we are immersed in the moment. Start for five minutes and build from there. I guarantee you’ll find yourself wanting this quiet, natural and unrushed experience to last and last. Repeat every morning…no exceptions, no excuses!

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER: Spirit/Mind/God is the Power of One. I Am One with the One, and it is my original nature to experience a balance of inner peace, quietude and creative action through mindful doing. I enjoy my consistent practice of mindful awareness and I cultivate the constantly expanding art of living from the inside out. I give thanks I Am forever guided forward on my spiritual path by the One; which is in me, of me and all around me. And, I gratefully accept…that’s the way it really already is!

With great love and respect,
Dr. Sue Rubin

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