The Gregorian calendar tells us that 2016 is arriving. In Reality, “Tain’t necessarily so!” The evolutionary process is simply one progressive continuum of experiences which come and go with regularity…not always monotonous, by any means. As we reflect on the past year in review…I ask, “What was it like for you?” I believe that there is not one among us who was not affected by the instances of ‘man’s inhumanity to man.’ There have been racial tensions and allegations of police brutality, mass shootings, the exodus of refugees fleeing Syria, world wide terrorism, including on our own shores.

So, if one were to judge only by the physical appearance, we would have to say that the world is most assuredly in sad shape and what’s a person to do? What kind of a future does this point to for our children, their children and for all future generations? I believe this makes a compelling statement for the necessity of cultivating a new perspective and a rich inner life. What that requires is the recognition that ideas are the origin of experiences. Our deeply held personal beliefs formulate the design of our future…individually and collectively. As much as we’d like to play ostrich…our consciousness is the genesis of the experience we’re having. Multiply that by seven plus billion, and it becomes a worldly event.

The Law of the Returning Circle reminds us that, “It is done unto us, as we believe.” ‘What goes around, comes around’ and…as we think in our heart, voila, that’s what shows up. The anger, resentments, fear, prejudice, frustrations and disappointments we secretly harbor in our ‘hidden self’ collect energy person by person, until the ‘critical mass’ is reached and people pick up their weapons and become an army on the aggressive march.

The solution is a spiritual one. We have taken ‘fighting fire with fire’ as far as it can go. Universal Laws that govern life now offer us an unmistakably obvious ‘heads and hearts up!’ LIfe is insisting that we now look into our very souls and forgive, clean up our inner household, harness the energy of the Divine Nature of Love, Wisdom and Compassion and move forward with higher mindfulness and deeper soul-awareness. ‘If not now, when, and if not us, who?’

I have a suggestion that may support each of us in amping up our spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, thoughtfulness and greater generosity of Spirit. I know you are already doing what you can to contribute to an awakened world that works for all, and I gratefully acknowledge this is a blessing for everyone.


WHAT GOES? This in the acceptance of what we realize is already a completed experience in our inner and outer world. However, we have resisted or feared letting it go. We all would love to lay claim to permanent outer security, predictability and safety. That is why the threat of the uncertainty of the unknown becomes daunting and we cling to the familiar, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. Will you entertain the notion of releasing the lesser in order to embody the greater? Start by saying, “Yes, I Am ready to release what no longer fits my Higher Self Image!”

WHAT COMES? I know I have derived value, insights, wisdom and growth from all my past experiences…including the least desirable and most painful. I didn’t appreciate that at the time, I do now. It is healthy and beneficial to discern the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and to take the best out of what may have appeared the worst. In this way we have a solid step up into the future, based on the blessings of seeing the good…usually in retrospect and incorporating into our current lives. Claim and take with you that resilience, kindness, undaunted courage, flexibility, determination and unwavering faith…all your precious interior Divine Goodies! Affirm, “I Am deeply grateful for embodying my Divine and loving qualities of being. I have earned them and I take them with me wherever I go.”

WHAT’S NEXT? This is the moment of inevitable Truth. This is where I ‘come clean’ with what makes me feel more alive, stimulates a true feeling of joy, and calls forth the creativity, ingenuity and intuition of the Infinite Intelligence within me. The Universal Potential that reminds me that I Am created in the spiritual image and likeness of God/Spirit/Mind/Truth! That all the love, intelligence, conviction, persistence, flexibility and strength of God Itself is implanted within my Soul. I Am guaranteed that by asking for the inner Divine Guidance of what is mine to do, and being willing to follow its path, I truly Am a ‘Light Worker’ in my world and in the world at large. Declare: “I exceed the limitations of my own excuses and rationalizations and I bravely and boldly move forward following my indwelling, Infinite Intuition!”

WHAT’S IT TAKE? When stripped of my hesitancies and ‘yeah, buts,’ what I really look at is fear. When I look at the specter of fear directly and honestly, I see it for what it is: a false belief that identifies with my human frailties, rather that claiming inseparable oneness with God. Fear disappears when exchanged for faith. With consistent spiritual practices, we find ourselves more equipped to face our challenges without ‘buckling’ and we feel empowered to take ‘exquisite risks’ that uncover the true magnificence and greatness of our Real Self…God in us, as us being us. Know now: ” I do what it takes to fulfill my deepest dreams and highest aspirations, knowing there is a Power within me that has brought me this far and it takes me the distance with clarity, confidence and conviction!”

There is One Life, One Presence, One Power…it is what I choose to call Mind/Spirit/God and it is the Essence and Reality of who and what I fundamentally Am. Immersed in this clear, inner world, I know that the Intelligence, Ingenuity and Love of God forever guides, guards and directs me. I have a purpose, a reason for being and it is to reveal more and ever more of my Infinite Potential…releasing my God given qualities of being into the world for the benefit and blessing of one and all. I move forward audaciously, boldly and bravely today, tomorrow and always, in the certainty that God is all there is, and since God and I are one, all that God Is, I Am. I feel spiritually authoritative and humanly confident that this is good and very good for myself and all, and I give thanks for the creative Mind of the Universe which receives the energetic impress of these Words and creates goodness, harmony and generosity of Spirit in wondrous ways of healing and transformation everywhere. For this and more than words can express, I give thanks, knowing and accepting that this is the way it really is!

Much love and multitudinous blessings,
Dr. Sue

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