How often have we heard it said? People come and people go, things come and things go, ‘for everything there is a season,’ change is the natural order of life. And, yet…when people we love make their transition, it hurts! And, when something we prize is lost, or just when we were getting comfortable everything suddenly shifts, we feel it. It’s easy to intellectualize that the chick has to break through its shell in order to emerge into a larger Self, the snake has to shed its skin, and one season emerges from the disappearance of its predecessor. So…why can’t we live in harmony with the Eternal Divine Ideal that, “It’s All Good, It’s All God” as well as with its temporary expression of fear, anger and resistance, as we experience loss, death, disappointment? Last time I checked, we were still human expressions of Spirit in physical forms.

My ex-husband Phil recently made his transition, blessed with a brief illness and a long and fruitful life. He remained the loving father of our three children, my friend and travel agent for the many years following our divorce. I discovered that as enlightened as I would like to think I can be, I Am still a feeling being who experienced his passing with the emotional pangs of grief, sadness, fear and concerns about my own future. I can equally say, that in my personal case, without the spiritual practices I continue to develop and deepen which emerged from my initial introduction to Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind, I could easily have sunk lower and stayed longer in unexpected despair. My practice led to the blessed insight that others actually were my vehicle for the necessity to ‘shape up,’ to do my inner work, so that I could rise to the Divine occasion of a Practitioner Session with someone, or prepare for a Sunday talk. The Real Self insisted I awaken from the darkness through God Is/I Am remembrance time, meditation and prayer…thanks to someone else looking in my direction in order to be reminded of who they are. Beyond any excuses or “I don’t feel like it,” I get it! Consistent spiritual practice is more than ever non-negotiable and mandatory! It’s the Divine rock of human salvation, sanity and strength for us all!

Oliver Sacks the great neurologist, author and wise man recently died and here is what he said upon learning his physical life was coming to an end: “I see my life with a deepening sense of the connection of all its parts…I feel intensely alive …I want in the time that remains to deepen my friendships…to achieve new levels of understanding and insight.” “I have been given much and I have given something in return; I have had intercourse with the world. Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet.”

My gift, your gift, why we are here on this earthly plane at this poignant time of spiritually/human evolution is this my dear ones: We are here to not only awaken our humanity to our divinity, but to make sure we daily represent that Godliness out in the world…not just on special occasions. This is part of the required curriculum for what it takes to live up to a higher standard of integrity, courage, honesty, patience, compassion, faith, flexibility and wisdom. It is our Infinite potential, provided by the First Cause of creation. It is already implanted within our greater Self Identity. And, it is ours for the asking, the receiving…and for the giving. The interior changeless within the outer change, is a Universal Principle. It is marvelous when recognized and drawn into conscious union, and whatever you think exceeds your capability, the Divine Self is here to prove you wrong. You’re not too old, too sick, too tired, too lost, rejected or abandoned. You are truly the radiant, luminous and ageless spiritual image and likeness of God…and this Truth of your Being and mine, requires us to be Its instrument for transformation throughout the planet…Not when we feel like it, not when it’s convenient, not in the next phase of Life…but right here, right now…and by means of you, by means of me. And, that’s the way it really is!

All my love and blessings galore,
Dr. Sue

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