I recently returned from a cruise that involved a transatlantic crossing from Miami to Monte Carlo. I may have traveled over 3,000 nautical miles, but through the years my questions have become more geared to how I handled the outer journey…inwardly…not so much about, how far, but…how deep?

I Am a creature of habit. I like feeling in control over my environment I like tasting my distinct flavor of living life. I like getting up, going to sleep, eating and working, coming and going where, how and when I decide. I understand that my choices are totally mine and that I Am my own experience and that my world identically mirrors these thought forms.

So there I was ‘at sea’…awash in an ocean of unfamiliarity. Different ‘digs’, new bed and mattress, small bathroom, less storage space. New people, increased opportunities for sociability, a return to the dance floor. No cabinets containing snacks, refrigerator not equipped to hold my frozen goodies. ‘Stuff’ not instantaneously available for my gratification…”How come I have to wait so long for room service” queried my peevish, small version of self. Ah, ha…finally the light dawned: Fear was looming everywhere in the background, regardless of how impatience, frustration or arrogance masked it on the front end.

As the days passed and the band played on…literally…since this was a Big Band Ballroom themed cruise, my anxiety quieted, I started to take it all in, rather than leaving out the richness of the diversity around me. I increased my meditations, corralled my racing thoughts and feelings through journaling. I became more of a grateful and mindful witness to the amazing panorama of phenomena that was the Universal Mind expressing by means of myself and others. I made peace between my intellect and emotions and arrived at the bottom line: New choices are the catalyst for new forms…and that doesn’t always feel like a comfortable fit. Predictability and the known slip on easily…no big surprises from the inner realms.

I Am so deeply appreciative that the Divine Identity I claim is the Ultimate, Infinite good I choose to call, God. And, that this Divine Indweller recognizes Itself as everything I Am. What do I believe? I believe “There is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now!” And, that Life is your Life now and always…and that’s the way it really is!

Much love and many blessings,
Dr. Sue Rubin

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