Henry J. Kaiser said, “When your work speaks for Itself, don’t interrupt.” I love that, because to me it implies there is more going on than what I often humanly want to acknowledge, and it’s often better than I think it is. When I Am inspired, on fire from within, I do what I do and it becomes a seamless expression of who I Am.

June is the time of year that acknowledges accomplished feats of courage and determination. Graduations, proms, weddings, all herald the ending of one cycle of life and the new beginning that is already poised for emergence from the completed experience.

I was with a dear friend the other day. We shared out thoughts and feelings about the paradox of Life. The obvious realization that Life is change…along with which, we equally acknowledged that change isn’t always an easy thing to step into. We are creatures of human comfort and sameness. And, yet, everything within the spiritual construct is more loosely fit, more adaptable to remembering as Emerson suggested, that we are not meant to stay in any one place too long…in Consciousness! So, perhaps we can plumb the depths of our being by asking bigger questions. Perhaps we can entertain the notion of celebrating our own personal graduation, wedding…our own uniquely new dance of Life. Will you be enticed by harvesting those long cherished desires and longings, by declaring them all to speak for themselves? Will you be willing to let the Divine truly have full sway over, in and throughout your life…without interrupting with the familiar, “Yeah, but.”

Take a deeper dive with your Self-Inquiry. Probe beneath the obvious during these long and lazy days of summer. Invade your awareness with new possibilities. Perceive every here and now moment and whatever shows up in each moment, as an invitation to move from wherever you’ve complacently been perched in resignation to the ‘status quo.’ Chart a new course and set sail, knowing it’s all in inside job and the Power that has brought you this far, takes you the distance.

Questions for introspective review:
1) What was the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I did today?
2) Where do I feel stagnant in my life?
3) What is my desired design for the rest of my life?
4) What aspects of my spiritual practice are asking for a deepening, a refreshing, a fine tuning?

Affirmation: I give thanks for the changing seasons, changing times of my life. I Am grateful for the Changeless Essence of Spirit within, as It ever changes form outwardly, according to my deeper spiritual understanding. I surrender to this indwelling Divine Presence and to Its Universal Creative Power. I freely welcome new, imaginative expressions of Universal Mind throughout my life, knowing all is good and very good, since it’s all God on the move by means of me. And, that’s the way it really is.

Much love, many blessings,
Dr. Sue Rubin

* If I can be of assistance in offering spiritual tips and tools to put The Four Questions to work in your life, contact me: revsue@verizon.net.

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