‘BC’ takes on new meaning: Before Covid! I vaguely remember the way it was. I wander into Starbucks, or walk into Trader Joes any time I choose. I eagerly greet and hug a friend. I pretty much take everything in the world of entertainment, food, drink and sports, for granted. If I need toilet paper and paper towels, I walk into the garage or hop in the car and off to Costco I go. 

Receiving Corona Virus briefings from state and federal leaders, was not on my daily agenda. Nor were world reports on the illness and death toll in America and across the world. I took simple pleasures for granted. I skimmed over the reality that not everyone had discretionary spending money, much less enough for housing, food, medicine and every day living necessities.

The sun breaking through the mist is, that we are already becoming better people, of stronger character. We are more inclined to act in ways that serve a greater purpose and help alleviate suffering. Let us KEEP CARING by continuing to let our compassionate and generous hearts extend to our helping hands. The Universe has an insistent narrative that says, “Look around you, but first look within you. Ask what and listen for where!”

We no longer have the luxury of ignoring life’s larger issues. Racial and other social injustice and prejudice is among us. As are political abuses, the homeless, poverty stricken, mentally ill, hungry & hurt. Let us form a chain of collective consciousness by awakening to who we are and why we are here. It is time to answer the Universal call to inclusiveness, oneness and generosity of Spirit. 

A Personal Prayer to Speak: I come out of human darkness and into the brilliance of the Divine Life. I acknowledge there is One Presence and One Power. I experience Its greater influx throughout my life. My resistance, procrastination and excuses are replaced with selfless service wherever needed. I give thanks for the Divine guidance that points me to where the Essence of the Infinite are the actions I take that make life better for others. I gratefully accept and see, that this Is the way It really Is!

Loving blessings galore,
Dr. Sue

4 thoughts on “SPRING 2020”

  1. So true. Hopefully this will change us for the better and we will become more aware and compassionate to each other.

  2. Dearest Sue,

    First of all, I love the new look of your website – the blog posts – and the simplicity here. I look forward to more and shared video content of speakers, etc. or whatever it is you have planned. Wonderful. Perhaps the Covid-19 lockdowns are to facilitate your online presence in a greater way. Seems so and I welcome that, as you well know. Championing you and this important way you have awakening the world on.

    Secondly, yes, I believe we all know now what we have taken for granted, but the real value will be in the reflection on that and what we then DO with what we know. I also agree that we are divorced from our own humanity and our ‘common humanity’ if we do not acknowledge the truth of the extent of real suffering out there in this world. It is real. It’s not an illusion, and we all have an inherent moral obligation (I’ll say it) to be somewhere on the continuum of awakened-ness to at least know this, acknowledge it, and if we can do something to help some, to do it. That isn’t too hard to manage, is it? We’re seeing evidence of that all over the world.

    My favourite theory: chaos theory…from out of chaos emerges order. It’s an evolutionary fact, and systems in nature do this all the time. If a tree gets uprooted for some reason or struck by lightning, all the insects and organisms in it will adapt. It is true in an earthquake when people start digging people out of the rubble and establishing safety long before governments can helicopter supplies in. I wonder how chaos theory applies to our thoughts…I’m suddenly thinking. Hmmmmmmmm. I believe that there is only so much ‘chaos’ our brains can handle before our bodies become so overwhelmed by the stress that that causes…we have a marvellous regulatory functioning set of systems in our bodies that work with the brain. We shut down. We shift. We figure things out. Metaphysically…? You tell me.

    I love the simple personal prayer to speak. I did it. I agree with it. And it is comforting. Your prayers are exquisite in their precision and your spontaneous ability to speak in person in this manner all the time. I look forward to more here, where these words can be easily shared, live forever, and touch us all.

    I love you.


  3. Thank you, Sue, for your lovely words of wisdom. This lockdown started as a personal challenge and grew into an opportunity. It became a time of introspection and release. My frustrations gave me an opportunity to reflect and look at hidden deep held beliefs and the wisdom to release them and start anew. Anger turned into forgiveness for myself and all others. The best I can do is realize the presence of God in myself and all others and release all judgment. My purpose is to reflect the light of God and to continuously listen to the still small Voice within me and allow It to guide me. Thanks again, Sue, for being the transparency of God I seek to be.

  4. Dear Roberta,
    First let me apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Now, I add, how Absolutely wonderful it is to hear from you. I hear you. Yes, indeed, we are experiencing the rising and releasing of old restrictive tendencies, and coming to a new and freeing realization of the might and power of coming to the Real Self, in the highest and best ways. It reminds me of the Prodigal Son, who went off to lead a rowdy life, only to find it didn’t add, but rather stripped him of himSelf. I love the phrase that says, “He came to himself and returned home.” Isn’t that our common, human story? And, we’re sure seeing it in and throughout life. I guess that’s the One Mind saying something to the effect, that when we’ve come to our senses, to our True Self and insist on modeling it through our thoughts, words and actions, then, things take a turn for the better. I so often look at your gorgeous needlework with the quotation, “Principle is not bound by precedent,” and think to myself, get over It, take the best from then and just move on! So, while current events reflect the buildup of past, uncorrected errors that have caused this chaotic pain and suffering, the point is that we have yet to exchange the error for a greater idea, for one that more truly and consistently represents the Divine Nature of Oneness, which abides within everyone and everything. Please keep me updated and meanwhile, here’s what I know: I see beyond what I Am currently looking at. I envision the personal and collective awakening of all humanity to its spiritual magnificence. I also declare the willingness of each and all to take the actions, make the amends and the changes that contribute to equal Life, Love and Creativity for all. I give thanks for my commitment to continue growing, stretching and tapping into the innate wisdom and compassion of God as me. I give thanks for remembering now and always that, “Love points the way and the Law makes the way possible,” naming It all good and very good. And, that’s the way It really Is. Always, much love and many blessings to you and your family, Roberta

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