FALL 2020

“Do you need a prod? Do you need a little darkness to get you going?”
Mary Oliver

Welcome to Fall 2020 and it’s all here. The Covid-19 pandemic, unprecedented economic downturns, political unrest and divisiveness, social inequality and evidence of police brutality primarily targeted at people of color. Black Lives Matter and White Privilege are now part of the public discourse. Add to the mix, the devastating fires throughout the Pacific Northwest and it appears a collision of the Cosmos and we who inhabit it is occurring.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  Personal responsibility accompanies this Declaration of Interdependent, Independence. For everyone to have access to living a peaceful, respectful, rich and fulfilling life, there are rules. We need to be aware of, learn from and cooperate with Nature and her Universal Laws. We see her resilience, her capacity to reconsruct after destruction, to grow through tragedy and to emerge stronger from the ravaging flames. In our human case, the command is to bring forth our kinder, wiser, more compassionate, loving and humbler Soul Self; along with a deep willingness to lift and help others as well as ourselves.

A spiritual life is lived from the inside out. It involves consistent attention to spiritual details through introspection, mindfulness, meticulous self-inquiry and an unwavering thrust toward authenticity. In the early days of my ministry, mixing politics with spirituality was a no-no and confronting conflicting and controversial conversations was consistently avoided. Now, I feel it is imperative to talk about the Infinite Invisible, to shout about Universal love, humility, Grace, wisdom, integrity, compassion and generosity; to bear witness and be the evidence that the Divine lives through and by means of us all and that we are better than we presently appear to be.

We sit on a powder keg of Infinite potential. Our Soul qualities are more than ample to meet these moments. The demand is not only to wake up, but to speak up and step out. The voice of the Spirit that indwells us all must be heard. This is a time of  reckoning, a reminder that “The Universe is Calling” and by God, It is more than time for us to answer, engage and be the dynamic Divine emanations and incarnations we are inherently designed to humanly be! This is Sue Rubin and I approve this message!

LOCKING IN THE TRUTH: I consciously covenant with the God Self I Essentially Am. I harness the treasure trove of Divine qualities that represent the indwelling God which Is who and what I Am and I bring help, healing, wholeness and unity to the world around me. I recognize that the more I discover who I really Am and act  from this inner knowing, the more I boldly and bravely emerge as an evolutionary catalyst for a “Brave New World.”  I see the Changeless Truth which Eternally Is and I give thanks for It freeing myself and all to be who we are created to be. I gratefully accept that this Is the Way It Really Is!

Loving Blessings galore,
Dr. Sue

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