What do you get when you mix Japan’s horrendous earthquake, tsunami and nuclear blasts, with Libya and other countries fight for freedom? Add to it financial structures that are still seeking additional support and current events generally all screaming a message of the imperative for CONSCIOUS AWAKENED CHANGE! One can humanly feel helpless, overwhelmed, frightened and withdraw, or one can dig deeper for compassion, courage, answers and ingenuity, which exist as our Invisible Self…that which the Divine holds inviolate as us all. Call it Buddha Nature, the Tao, Jehovah, Christ Consciousness, Allah or the great I Am That I Am. It is all representative of a certain something within our soul which is available, accessible and most responsive to conscious demands placed upon it by the “keeper of the flame…” that’s us! We are the only ones that can ignite that flame for ourselves and yet the marvel of it all is that when we take responsibility to do that for ourselves, the ripple effect is felt throughout the world. This is the way Universal Intelligence works for us, by working through us.

When Jesus, the Christ was going through his own cycle of radical reconstruction through the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, these happenings tell a deeper story. They are not isolated to this one marvelous, master teacher. It is all a metaphor for what we experience as painful times when we know change is imminent and still we may resist it…Remember Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and…”If it be possible, let this cup pass from me…!” Yes, It’s time for everyone to give up the lesser in exchange for the greater opportunity to experience our Inner Essence. That’s what spring and Easter are really all about. As the brown leaves turn green, the flowers bloom, as the air warms and the sun strengthens in the sky, we, too are asked to transform with these cycles of evolution and as gracefully and willingly as nature does.

So, here we are with another opportunity to exercise our greatest treasure…free choice; The power to decide for ourselves which path to take each moment. Is it the path that reflects my own higher pathway of thought and feeling? Is it that which brings me closer to the awareness of the Divine Presence in and around me? And, does whatever I do, more readily represent something of value and merit not just for me, but for others? The Truth is, Buddha, Christ, Lao Tzu, Abraham, Aristotle and Mohammed aren’t the exceptions, they really are examples of what is possible when one chooses to consciously experience God’s Presence as our human endeavors. And, yes, I said it, the “G” Word! “G” for the great and Godly, grand and glorious occasion we can all rise to, as we exercise our Divine right and responsibility to let the Infinite show us as our finite experience. All those in favor of rising and shining now, rather than waiting until Easter, stand up wherever you are and silently affirm: “I welcome the consciousness of the master teachers, philosophers and mystics into my chamber of inner knowing. I understand that I, too have access to the One Universal Mind they used, and I choose to use it…today, tomorrow and always, for the purpose of bringing a new heaven to earth!”

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:When your daily spiritual practice of meditation is done, journal briefly on your commitment for the day. Set a conscious intention to “right a wrong.” Do something positive and life affirming not just for yourself, but that brings benefit to another human being. Know that Universal Intelligence supports you in fulfilling your sacred mission for the day. Sit in a few moments of silence after writing, embodying this “covenant” you have just made with your Higher Self…and now you’re ready for your…

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I consciously affirm that today is the day that God shows up in a new and expanded version of itself by means of me. I know that my sacred task of bringing goodness to myself and another is clearly revealed and implemented by the Infinite Mind of God which dissolves any hills or mountains of resistance, providing me with all the ways and means with which to improve the human plight in this pure and simple way of doing. I Am so grateful to know that the I Am That I Am is re-enacted daily by means of my conscious cooperation with that which it is. And, so it is!

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