Is it possible for the people in our lives to give us an ironclad guarantee to love us and be with us forever and always? Yes and no. If the love we’re talking about and living from represents the Absolute, Eternally Divine Love we all fundamentally are in our spiritual natures, yes. For Love in that sense is the Essence of us and with or without our approval, it remains constant and changeless. On the other hand, the answer is no, if it’s a more “object-referral,” ego sense of love. For example: When I married, I knew in my heart it was not an unconditional action initiated by the wholeness of the Love I knew my husband and I were. I was motivated by my ego as a guarantee that this nice man offering me marriage really would stand by me and provide me with security and a safe haven from life’s uncertainties. And, he did…until he didn’t. And, in my moments of meticulous honesty, I admit that we both shut off the channels of giving and receiving love…out of the belief that neither one was ‘getting’ what they needed from the other anymore. The well had run dry and for the good of us both, we called the marriage over. Was that an easy pill to take after nineteen years of being in “protective custody?” No, and yet the hidden blessing at the core of the divorce was that it served as a catalyst for me to wake up to the spiritual magnificence of my inner world. I discovered I really could feed and nourish myself from within from my as yet untapped treasure trove of Divine qualities of being. And, so started my first real relationship…it was with my Self and it was about being Self-Loving of the sacredness of me.

Although I had worked the first couple of years of my marriage, I didn’t throughout the rest of the years. And, lo and behold, I realized I could actually hold down an interesting job in the field of publicity, advertising, sales and marketing. And, I could grow from there into ways which added to my skills by using my mind in conjunction with taking physical action that cultivated and brought these capabilities into expression. I could raise three kids as a single mom, I could inch my way from part time to full time work and increase my financial self-sufficiency as the kids grew older, I could develop relationships with other men and find the joys in my female companions that I had not really bothered to cultivate before. And, surprise of all surprises. I could discover my faith tradition, which was and still is, Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind. That was what truly enriched everything else…this spiritual component and connecting link to my mental, emotional, psychological and physical progress. This became the door of possibility I walked through to my personal path of ministry…as my way of life.

Ernest Holmes described Love as, “A cosmic force whose sweep is irresistible.” I agree. It’s that Divine something which somehow continues in its relentless inward push against us, that urges us ever upward, onward and forward in the ways that reveal our potential and that serve humanity. It’s a privilege, it’s a pleasure, it’s personal to each of us…what we ultimately do with all we’ve got which is readily available and accessible from within our consciousness…within our awareness that the One Power, Presence and Principle of LIfe holds a gift worth opening. So my challenge to myself and to all is, “Keep going within, dare to discover the Creative Love that your Godly Self Is. All your latent talents longings and desires are eagerly awaiting your recognition in order to burst forth in all their glory and bless you and the entire world! In the Hebrew tradition, the expression used as a toast that says it all, is what I now lift my glass to: “L’Chaim…to Life and that includes to Love, to Light, to Aliveness…to You!”

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:After you are done with your morning meditation, remain in the space of receptivity and responsiveness. Have a pad and pen handy. It is now time to initiate direct communication with the intuitive, All-Knowing Self… your inner muse, the Infinite One within. Simply ask into your depth of being, “What is it that is now mine to discover and to give from my Divine gifts, talents and resources, that blesses and benefits not only myself, but others?” Be patient…answers come instantaneously and answers emerge over the next course of time. Ask, with acceptance of receiving, until you do. Record and reflect upon any and all thoughts, feelings, inklings and ideas, whether they make sense to you or not. They will reflect a pattern, trust the creative process and stay the course!

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:In the consciousness of the Infinite, I ask and receive all that I desire in the greater ways of revealing the as yet untapped resources of my God Self. I give thanks for knowing all that I seek, finds me receptive and willing to be the sacred space through which the nature of my God Self is revealed. My human experience manifests as greater love, health, wealth, creative fulfillment and happiness. I give thanks for being a beneficial presence not just in my immediate corner of life, but far more broadly and widely; for I now equally bless others around me. I accept the Truth that is already known deep within me, and its expression through me that emerges with grace and ease. I give thanks that this is really so and so it is!

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