The ‘merry month of May’ offers a few commemorative dates that celebrate the workers of the world (light workers, that is), that honor mothers and those men and women who have offered their human lives in order that freedom reign supreme throughout relative times and spaces. For me, the pertinent inquiry about these events is related to the connecting link that points back to their common cause.

What I see is that although we all originate from the self same fount of Life, it is for the individual purpose of awakening to and playing our different roles expressing this Creative Principle of Life. We are called into being to discover the unique gifts that are our Divine potential in order to bring a greater something to the ways of the world. So, whether it’s “working for the Yankee dollar”…or yen or Euro, or being the vehicle through which a new life physically arrives to fulfill its Divine Design, or whether the fierceness of freedom calls one to the battlefields of far flung lands…this is what we each came to do. We are all here to fulfill our unique Law of Dharma…to fully and completely live out the roles that are ours alone to know and be.

Dharma is one of Buddhism’s Three Jewels, along with Buddha and Sangha. Or, if we are talking metaphysics vis-a-vis Science of Mind, it’s about coordinating mind, body and spirit into congruency. It ultimately boils down to what we do with what we’ve got. And, what we’ve got is vast, spacious, Infinite and Eternal. It is the Buddha nature, the God Self, the Brahman, the Holy Spirit, Emmanuel, Universal Mind, the Divine Self of boundless wisdom and love that abides potentially within us all. When I transcend the limits of my past, my fragmentation and false sense of isolation and otherness and claim identify as my Buddha or Supreme Self, it then becomes more of a conscious imperative to live from this “higher order of Being” and to ‘stand and deliver’ my gift to the family of the earth. This is my ‘duty,’ my Dharma, to express that which I know I Am as the one who makes a difference. Let’s face it, the age we live in has already done its part to get our attention Now, the matter rests with each of us taking responsibility for making our greater contribution to ‘awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence.’ Mind and heart storm’ in the solitude and sacredness of your own soul and ask yourself, “How can I be and do more to contribute who and what I Am to the world’s healing and enlightened evolution?”

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:The generally recommended first spiritual practice of the day…every day…is meditation. This can be followed by remaining in this quieter space within and presenting your question through intention to the inner muse of Self. Ask with gratitude for knowing the answer is already within the question, “What is my current calling, in terms of my contribution to making a difference in life around me?” Another way of tapping into the broader, Universal sense of Self, is to submit the question, “What is the Divine Vision of Itself as me, in its expanded givingness to life all around me?” Patiently wait in the silence with a pad and pen available to quietly record any idea, thought, feeling, impression, image or sense of what is now stirring as a creative possibility. And…if not in this moment’s initiation into higher thought, trust and know that that which is yours to know from deeper realms of our consciousness emerges on the Divine time line. Have faith and maintain a steady state of receptivity to that which you accept is already known in the invisible realms and is now unfolding as your, “Ah, ha of recognition!”

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I give thanks for my awakened thought. I Am so grateful to be the passageway for a greater idea that emerges from the invisible into tangible form by means of me. I tap into and I harness my spiritual treasure trove of Infinite qualities of being. I apply my greater awareness of creativity, courage, faith, intelligence and enthusiasm to express something that is mine to give, share and reveal as my contribution to the enhancement of life all around me. I give thanks for the realization that the One Power and Presence of Infinite Goodness is revealing its uniqueness by means of me now and always, and this is of benefit not just to myself, but to others all around me. And That’s the Way It Really is!

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