It is said that whatever has our attention has all of us. I can certainly relate to that. Recently, I have been involved in grading exams and reviewing DVD’s provided by this year’s crop of Science of MInd Ministerial Graduates. Years ago, I personally escaped the rigors of current standards for acceptance into Ministry and have profound and sacred appreciation for what it now takes to claim this as one’s calling. And, yet…is it any different from the commitment and consistency required to follow any chosen path of creative endeavor that we feel has our name on it?

“What is my purpose?” “How do I know what is mine to do in the world?” “Is it my ego or my Divine Nature calling me onto my chosen path?” These are questions we perhaps can all relate to. We strive for the grandiose because we are told and it’s true, “With God all things are possible,” therefore dream a bigger dream and allow a more expanded vision to emerge from within yourself. So, what’s the hang up?

If I”m holding down a job I Am grateful to have and I also know it’s only function is to pay the bills, and if every day is a chore to get through where my highest level of energy and enthusiasm arrives when the 5:00 o’clock whistle blows, I can be guaranteed the answer to, ‘Is that all there is…’ ourselvesis NO! We are ‘hot wired’ for God and our potential is to come alive and awaken to each day’s promise of something innovative, imaginative, exciting and unknown…all of which arises from within ourselves and our conscious connection to Infinite Intelligence. We are fired by a perennially persuasive push from inside to do this, go here, do that, think upon this, contemplate the other…always the thrust of wisdom, inspiration, guidance and direction are waiting for our recognition. And, when our intention is to listen, to be available and willing to serve that which the Universe Is, as us…we enter into higher consciousness and richer experiential living. Metaphorically speaking, you can then actually hear the Universal celebration of angelic clapping of hands, dancing feet and a heavenly choir raised in joyous praise…all because you and I say, “I’ll be a conscious vehicle for the Divine!”

It’s all a reciprocal game, you see. The whole scheme of living, loving and encountering LIfe from the highest vantage point is a matter of giving and receiving. I cannot possibly receive anything other than what I have first given. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Form follows thought and consciousness is cause, effect is the inevitable result. That’s the sequence my dear ones…life is an inside job. Our inside world of thought, feeling and belief must out picture as our human experience. So, back to my original statements. I chose Science of MInd Ministry (or, did it choose me) from all the finite, multifaceted shapes, forms, possibilities and dimensions of expression that are Infinitely available. And, was that a beneficial and fulfilling choice for me and shall it continue to be from “glory to glory?” YOU BETCHA! The ball is always in our own court, so for help in picking it up, tossing it and getting in the game, see below for related awareness contemplations and affirmative prayer.

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:After your morning meditation, remain in the stillness of your inner contemplation and silently ask your Infinite Self, “What is it that is mine to creatively express that is my Divine Self’s idea of experiencing Itself as me?” Keep a journal and pen handy for any thoughts, images, impressions, feelings, etc., and while remaining quietly undisturbed, jot them down and return to the silence. If not in this initial exploration, be assured by repeating this question to that within you which is the All-Knowing One…the answer which already exists inside you, reveals Itself in the perfect time, place and way. Be patient and gently insistent in asking, knowing the reciprocal action of Life responds by answering.

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I give thanks for the realization that my desire for fulfilling, creative expression of my true, higher Self is already provided from within my awareness and acceptance that this is so. I identify with my Divine Self of Love, Creativity, Faith and Wisdom. I know there is a niche for me to fill in life that not only satisfies my deepest longing and desire, but it is also of value to the world around me. I call forth from the deeper dimensions of my Self that which always responds; for I understand the way that Life works best is through my understanding that seeking and finding are one and the same in Truth. I Am richly endowed and blessed this day and every day and I welcome the expanded and rich ways in which I now freely give of my unique gifts and attributes to all those around me. As I joyously give, so do I amply and gratefully receive. And, that’s the way it really is!

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