I have been revisiting a wonderful book by Neville, called “Your Faith is Your Fortune.” In it, he clarifies a five word statement that I believe, once thoroughly and ever more deeply understood and embodied, holds the key for enlightened personal and global transformation. I AM THAT I AM are words we may be familiar with from their Biblical origin; since God is reported to have given this as an answer to Moses’ question as to who was this voice he heard, sending him off to free the Hebrew nation from Egyptian slavery.

Step One: I AM THAT I AM is the Universal aspect of Life which we all personalize at the level of our own perception and understanding of ourselves and our relationship to a certain invisible something greater than we are, that we intuit as something we essentially are.

Step Two: We can further deduce from the above that if God/Truth/Spirit/Buddha Nature/Brahma/Emmanuel is the bigger Reality…I AM THAT, then what if the only two words we speak for ourselves…I AM is the Universal announcing Itself through and by means of our own awareness of who we are…I AM THAT I AM. Whatever we believe about ourselves and however we describe ourselves, this is exactly what we experience. For example: I Am powerfully endowed with the nature of God as intelligence, creativity, compassion and wisdom…or I Am glued to a past that I can’t seem to disengage from, therefore my options remain limited. Either way, whichever way we say it…so it is. Life forever returns to us what we have first sent forth as our unique brand and personal logo for living.

Step Three: As we delve deeper, what if I AM THAT I AM becomes that which I desire to be and that which I Am now consciously aware of being. And, what if this is my Higher Consciousness asserting its existence as me and, what if this is already so? If it weren’t already a Reality on some inner dimension, how could I now be aware of and know it at all?

All right, enough of this for now. I simmer it down to its simplest and truest component by simply affirming that everything I desire that exceeds my present experience, is a longing to be that which I really already Am. And, whatever I Am conscious of Being is true and real for me, so why not embrace the possibility that who and what I Am is the individualized human expression of the Divine?

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:Start your morning meditative practice with simply sitting upright, closing your eyes and taking a few deep, very deep, cleansing breaths. Inhale through the nose, hold your breath for a few moments before releasing it through your mouth. Then use the following silently repeated mantra: On the inhale, silently repeat I AM THAT and when exhaling, silently repeat I AM. Keep this flow going, and when you are aware of drifting away, gently return to the practice…I AM THAT…I AM.

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I know all I can ever know as this moment’s conscious awareness I AM THAT I AM. I Am the personalness of the Universal Spirit which reveals Its fullness, wholeness and richness of unlimited potentiality, uniquely as me. My desire for greater health, wealth, creative self-expression, love and happiness already exist within my Divine nature of I AM THAT I AM. I identify myself as this greater good that is already so in the invisible realm of Life, and through my invitation, now emerges as all I think, feel, say and do. I Am blessed and I Am a blessing through my conscious awareness of my oneness with that which God Is, I Am. I give thanks for opening new doors and crossing new thresholds of Infinite goodness throughout my life. As I know this about myself, I know one and all are also blessed and benefited by this Universal Truth. I give thanks that this is the way it really is!

* REMINDER: To explore more ideas on this topic, as they personally relate to your life, e-mail me at: revsue@verizon.net. And…tune in next month for Part Two: LIVING FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

Abundant and loving blessings during this and all seasons!
Dr. Sue

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