It’s a gorgeous day…does that mean I’m presently experiencing a gorgeous state of mind? Yes, if you’re taking the literal view, It does. Because it means in the moment I make that statement, it is a reflection of how I think and feel about myself and it even more deeply reflects my life view. I do think Life is a gorgeous experience. Does it have ups, downs and in-betweens? Of course…however, when I can embrace the realization that this is one of the things that makes it so gorgeous, I see what the saints, prophets, mystics and teachers of Universal Truth have been saying forever. Life is to me, what I Am to myself. When I believe that this is, as Jung suggested, a ‘friendly Universe,’ I tend to reflect that friendly approach toward myself and everything and everyone else in my world, and I look at the panoramic view around me with kindly, appreciative eyes.

I believe that the journey we are all on is a continuum of existence. It has always been, is now and shall forever more be. I Am always looking at the results of my perceived notion of how things work. If you’re an inside/out person, as I’m suggesting we all awaken to being…we ‘get it’ that we are always experiencing our most real and true assessments about ourselves, our lives and life in general. Science has proven that the smaller and more minute the element is, it still holds a mystery as to its origin and to the mystery of the unexplainable, intangibles of life. That can be a catalyst for drawing my attention inward…to prompt myself to more deeply investigate questions like, “Why do I do what I do?” “What makes me tick?” So what does run your life? Is being in spiritual alignment and growing outward from that place a top priority for you? How interested are you in the invisible side of life, love, and the laws that govern every aspect of the everyday, human experience of living? Just imagine…because it is true…you think it, believe it, feel it and poof…something of its reflection shows up as the people, places and things in your world. Does that meet with your approval or does every part of you want to scream it all away? This is the perfect time to take the matter home to yourself, to prove to yourself that the form is never separate from its origin. The outer is always a clear, unmistakable match to the inner world of contemplations which must find their solidified way into matter. As the wise Ernest Holmes and so many others have repeatedly said, “Consciousness must become form…or as a man thinks in his heart, so is he, as you sow, so shall you reap and what goes around comes around.” It is the creative boomerang effect, my friends…I send my interior pondering forth into the ethers and they return to me in kind.

So what’s the bottom line? How can we find greater peace, love, creativity and prosperity? By immersion in spiritual practices…meditation, silence, solitude, affirmative prayer, chanting, journaling, reading sacred writings, self-inquiry, mindfulness and the bottom line to it all is…tune in everyone, this is what you’ve been waiting for…the key to the inner Kingdom is maintaining consistent conscious contact with the God/Higher Self/Buddha Nature/Creative Spirit of your own understanding. In four words: God Is, I Am!

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:What is my true nature? What is it philosophythat truly informs my actions in the world? Do I believe in the great Invisible Oneness of all LIfe? These are some of the questions to explore and to respond to in your daily journaling. Start taking your mental and emotional pulse as to what formulates your own personal ‘philosophy of life.’ Writing a personal mission statement can be included in this exercise, using I Am statements that emerge from the heart of your mind and invoke a greater possibility that makes a significant difference in your life and in the life of your world.

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I start from the beginning with the Word. And, my Word is the Word of the Universe and all Creation. It is I Am. I Am made in the image and likeness of One Creative Principle of Life for the purpose of being a doorway through which the invisible shows up as that which is visible. I identify with everything I believe God/Truth/Reality is. I Am empowered to love the Self I Am and to serve humankind. I Am Infinite Intelligence revealed as all I think, say and do. I Am endowed with every wise and noble inclination and quality imaginable and I choose to free this Essence of my Being into ever fuller, more joyous expression as a blessing to my myself and the world. And…it all starts right here, right now, right where I Am. God Is…and since God Is, I Am. I gratefully accept that this is the way it really is and so I let it be so.

* REMINDER: To explore more ideas on this topic, as they personally relate to your life, e-mail me at: revsue@verizon.net.

Abundant and loving blessings during this and all seasons!
Dr. Sue

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