In the many years devoted to studying, teaching and continuing to study Ernest Holmes’ Science of MInd, I have come to a conclusion…and Ernest Holmes said it well, “Truth known is truly demonstrated.” In other words, It’s not what we awaken to, it’s more about what we do with our awakened state. For example, it’s very easy to be drawn into the energy, excitement and general contagion of enthusiasm at a seminar or conference. The speakers, the group mentality, the respite from everyday home routine. It’s all seductive and easy to “catch.” And, then we return home. The great opportunity is to then keep the momentum going; to continue to feed the mystery and wonder of that expanded inner urge by sustaining the energy with which to keep moving into the upward, onward and forward home stretch. To say, “Yes,” to keeping the inner Love Light shining and to faithfully and firmly embody the vision of its OmniPresence. In the words of Howard Thurman, “Keep before me the moments of my high resolve.” My commitment is then about taking this enlivened promise of Infinite possibility into my life and then out into the world in ways that are creatively beneficial to someone beside myself.

Dr. Ernest Shurtleff Holmes who neatly tied up all eastern and western wisdom into the all-inclusive package we know in New Thought as Science of Mind, offered us the opportunity to be one of the thousand people he was looking for, when he made his last appearance at the Religious Science Annual Conference at Asilomar in 1959. His fervent invitation was to find that many people who were for something and against nothing, who were dedicated to uncovering the freedom and perfection of their true nature and to letting that be the standard for all their actions and deeds performed in the world. This he felt would represent the turn around state of mind that would turn the world and all its challenges in a new and positive direction.

I know for myself that it can be far easier to talk a good game, to theorize and analyze, than it is hold myself accountable…by asking myself, “You wanna make something of it?” Meaning, here’s my greater idea, the one I’ve been claiming for myself and I Am keenly aware I’m resonating to it…NOW WHAT? Where do I go with it? Is it the focal point of my daily affirmative prayer work? Do I continue to “ask and receive” everything that takes me, step by step, nearer to the fulfillment of this greater idea? Does the idea have my complete, undivided intention, attention and consistent dedication? These are the questions that when asked, keep us on track and cause something new, wonderful and rewarding to manifest as a blessing not only to ourselves but to the larger life all around us.

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:Self-Inquiry is still the only way I know of to get bigger answers by asking the bigger questions. After arising in the morning, following a time of meditation and now experiencing a quieter than usual inner space, put this query to the Infinite Knower within your consciousness: “Am I committed and willing to move my greater idea forward from awareness into expression and manifestation?” When the response is a resounding, “No”…that’s honest…and as Scarlett O’Hara reminded us, we can always revisit it tomorrow! If however, everything within you clearly and unmistakably is saying, “Yes,” then it’s time to ask, “What are my first steps forward?” As Scripture stated, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.”

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I Am dedicated to taking my new and greater idea fully forward into positive, creative expression through all I think, say, feel and do. I Am a perfect match for this Divine Vision desiring to live Itself by becoming Itself through and by means of me. I free the Universal Power of God to move into action as me, knowing everything works together for my highest and greatest good…today, tomorrow and always. Gratefully, I accept this is the way it really is, and so Be It!

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