So much is swirling around us in the world of effects…financially, locally, globally, environmentally, personally. Is there a silver lining in the midst of all this? Will it ever end? Not really. As long as humans inhabit our precious planet earth, there are misinterpretations of the spiritual laws that govern the Universe. Therefore, you have human trials and tribulations. However, the good news is, if our predominant attitude is that of being, “in the world, but not of the world”, we reach above the darkness and illumine our own minds and hearts with the hidden key to light and liberation…and I’m not talking about burying our heads in the sands, but I Am saying how crucial it is to realize that…

Life in the visible realm is a natural aftermath of our invisible ideas, beliefs and feelings. Our outer world always points us back to the activity going on in our inner world. That for me is the call to get a greater grip on what I really think and feel and why I do what I do. What motivates, moves and serves as a catalyst for the actions I take in the ways I walk through my life? Am I still pointing the finger of blame on others or on circumstantial evidence? Do I abdicate my own personal sense of responsibility for all my own thoughts, feelings and actions? If I do, I continue to be part of the energy that perpetuates problematic life as it presently looks, rather than seeing greater ideas and possibilities.

When I seriously explore the spiritual side of life, I have the opportunity to discover the inner treasures of my Divine Self. Within that complete and perfect package of Selfhood abides wholeness, joy, beauty, wisdom. love, creativity and so much more. If we really buy into the Truth that we are all created in the image and likeness of God, then is this not the perfect time in which to assume that identity, rather that experiencing lack, limitation, loss, anxiety and anger…all of which arise out of our sense of mistaken identity? Yes, it’s true. We mistake ourselves for mere mortals, reconciled to a life contained within borders in most cases established by others…be it our family, society, or our own ignorance as to who and what we really are. There we are huddling in cold halls of negativity and fear, when at the same time, the splendor, brilliance and transformative nature of God abides always and eternally right where we are. Let us stake our claim to our true identity and stand tall and strong in the realizations that God is right where we are and all that God is, radiates as our individualized expression of the Divine.

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:If you are committed to living in present moment awareness from the higher consciousness of your true nature, then from now on, take on the following daily practice: Before making any decisions or taking any action, ask yourself, “What do I want to experience and how do I want to feel as a result of saying or doing this?” That then becomes a model to live by. If our intention is to feel, express and experience a deeper sense of aliveness, richness and rightness, by applying the old STOP (the chatter) LOOK (deeper within) and LISTEN (in the silence for the voice of Truth) we call a halt to habitual, defensive justifications for taking certain actions. Instead we evoke an elevated realm of information, inspiration and clarity and how we respond is cleaner than reacting out of impulsive emotion. So now that you have the answer, start asking the right question.

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:As a Divine emanation of the most high God, I tap into the spiritual treasures within my consciousness that empower me to move out of a false sense of separation from Source into the very heart of the Universe. I Am supported, sustained, guided and directed forward in the ways that heighten my feeling good, by feeling the Presence of God forever wherever I Am. I give thanks for claiming my right and responsibility to know myself as I truly Am…as God’s means to live in the world as me. I give thanks this is so and so it is!

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