The falling leaves drift by my window…” Imagine, the fall season quickly approaches…whether we like it or not. Upon reflection, we in southern California have had a relatively brief encounter with summer, so we may entertain a few pouts here and there. However in the larger scheme of things, the natural cycles of Life call their own shots…don’t get me started on global warming and the like. So what is my season of the year looking like these days? Am I still planting those seeds of possibility or Am I eagerly taking the appropriate actions that produce the sprouting of the first signs of new life. Or, perhaps, like myself, you are contemplating the harvest of the full crop…based on yesterday’s planting and are in somewhat of the season for deeper silence and listening to the “lowly voice” thereby trusting that, “When deep calls unto deep, deep answers for there is a simultaneous agreement.” And, just as what is now mine to be and do has always unfolded, whether consciously or unconsciously, so it is now, which reminds me of the biblical quote, “I wait upon the Lord.”

What we agree with can be humanly daunting when it is the greater idea and desire of the Divine knocking at the door of our consciousness, reminding us that we are the ones with dominion and free will. Therefore, we get to say, “Enter…or perhaps…not now, I’ll get back to you later on this one.” Wherever we are, it’s the place we have arrived at by right of our consciousness of willingness and degree of acceptance, faith and trust. For me, it increasingly becomes a matter of whether or not I can believe that I truly exist in a friendly Universe and if I can accept that, I realize my oneness with the Universe and I realize I Am a particularized point of light within the Creative Mind of God. By committing to daily spiritual practices of meditation, silence, prayer and mindfulness, my thought remains awakened to the Infinite possibilities to be all I came here to be and then…Hallelujah, I Am and you are guaranteed that the greater good, the expanded idea, the more heavenly experience of Life here on the earthly turf we occupy is…”A Done Deal!”

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:I take time each day, ideally in the morning, to follow my meditation with a time of seeking counsel from the inner Infinite Knower, which is my True Self. My question can follow the following lines: “What is God’s highest idea of Itself as me, at this particular time in my life?” Or, ” What is the Infinite Vision of Itself expressing through me that exceeds my finite impression of what that would be?” The idea is to then be on high, listening alert. And, if not in that particular moment, rest assured that by vigilantly continuing to ask, and wait…the inclination through idea, words, symbols, visual effect or feeling emerges. Patience is the virtue it always was, having the faith OF God as you is the key and the promise remains: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door is opened.”

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I take time today and every day to remind myself that the higher idea that embodies my true here and now expression of God as me, already lives in its entirety within my consciousness. I awaken to the deeper knowing within, by seeing with my inner “I,” listening with my inner ear and knowing the Truth that wherever I Am, the Infinite is forever knowing Itself by means of me. I give thanks for the awareness, revelation, expression and manifestation of the True Self I Am Divinely intended to be. And, for this and so much more, I give thanks, and so it is!

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