As the month of March winds up with what Christianity celebrates as Holy Week, Passover also is being celebrated by our Jewish friends. It is a time in the collective unconscious that is laden with archetypes for what can be, based on what has been…when awareness is exclusively and consistently open to a “passion for the possible.’ Jesus, the Christ was a revolutionary thinker in the spiritual sense of the word. He was dedicated to bringing Divine love into the human evolutionary culture by daring to enact it with humility and a fierce dedication to divinize life Itself. His idea was to show the ways in which we could take human nature to a new level of empowerment that would produce actions in the world that truly contribute to ‘a world that works for everyone’ through the process of ‘awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence.

The Jews were freed from Pharaoh’s slavish ways and were led out of Egypt by their reluctant hero, Moses. To extract the significance of that event as a message for today’s living is to continue to ask ourselves, “How dedictated am I to freeing myself from the tyrannical rule of known and unknown limiting, negative beliefs, attitudes and human formulas for living that are designed so that I ‘conform to the ways of the world,’ rather than to the ways of inner wisdom and direction, where I Am ‘transformed by the renewing of my mind.”

Further up the timeline of civilization, came the man Jesus, of the Christ Consciousness, who came to demonstrate the supremacy of ‘love as a cosmic force whose sweep is irristible.” I believe the message of Love and Law is the very basis of the philosophy, the faith, the way of life offered through the tradition of Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind. We really are poised as a culture to inculcate a world view that no longer is merely about being spiritually empowered and floating off into ‘never never land.’ It has become of vital importance to take our awareness of spiritual principles from awareness, into expression and manifestation through human endeavors. It is now up to each and every one of us to see where we are called to bring compassion, wisdom, kindness and generosity into action through offering our gifts to the ‘family of the earth.’ The time is most assuredly now, the place is right where you and I now stand and it truly is up to you and up to me. Give yourself to Life and you will be validated and valued in kind, not only by the Universe, but by those around you, who become the beneficiaries of your acts of kindness and Self-Givingness…many of whom, you many never lay eyes on. Such is the magic and majesty of invisible ideas which spread goodness by what we are actively willing to do. Making whatever place you leave just a bit better than it was when you found it, brings true happiness, creative satisfaction and the joy of feeling good about who you are and about what you do. Joyous spring holidays and nights to one and all.

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:In your early morning meditation, simply ‘be still and know’ that ‘before you ask, the answer is given.’ Approach the inner muse of your Divine nature, inquiring into what aspect of your undiscovered being is now poised to enter awareness and to be moved into expression, action and manifestation? Be patient, gently and silently acknowledge that the answer is already within yourself and now is revealed. It may be through an idea, a thought, a sense, a feeling, an image…all of which may surface later that day, or the next. Let your invitation remain extended…reinforce your faith by silently entering into the covenant of sacred acceptance by gently declaring unto yourself: “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.’ Be patient and know, the Creative Universal Law responds by corresponding. It hears and provides all, in a timely and appropriate manner, through and by means of you.

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:In quiet and confidence I wait upon the Law of my Being to respond through me, with all answers, directions, guidance and inspiration that fulfills the Divine Vision of Itself, as me. I Am God’s idea of Itself in action. My here and now desire and call to more fully express the gifts of my inner being, is the catalyst for the inner response which awakens my Divine nature of creativity, spontaneity, faith, energy, knowledge and all that I require in order to move into the action of sharing, giving and enjoying the reciprocal activity of myself with others, that produces benefits and blessings for one and all. I welcome the new, the dynamic, the inner gifts and treasures of my Self into fuller and freer manifestation and I give thanks for truly contributing to making the world a better place for just one person and treasuring the value of this deed. I let go and I joyously and gratefully let God be God as me, while seeing more clearly…God as all! And, that’s the way it really is!

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Abundant and loving blessings during this and all seasons!
Dr. Sue

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