Holiday sales, discounts and more incentives to get the money flowing. I know this is for a good purpose…stimulation of our economy. And, on a deeper level, more of us directly participating in being in the loop of the Law of Circulation, certainly produces an upswing in jobs; thereby lessening unemployment, reducing foreclosures, increasing home sales and most importantly increasing the confidence quotient as it relates to all matters…personally locally and globally.

The Bible raised the question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” And, you can imagine the variety of answers evoked through the years. Inwardly, on a metaphysical/spiritual level, I would answer, “Yes, since we all originate from One Divine Source/Creator/God/Intelligence/Spirit.” Just as in our human family, the differences among siblings can be startling, so it also appears on the broader scope of life. I don’t speak Italian, I don’t exchange liras and my pasta never tastes the way it did when I was in Italy. However, in the interests of the unseen and sacred, unity and oneness must exist…it’s simply cultivating an understanding that LIfe works from the inside out. I must hold consistently to the realization that when stripped of the obvious outer differences, the same something beats all hearts, grows trees and prompts tears to fall or laughter to ring out. It’s what I choose to call God; perhaps to you it is Buddha, Allah, Brahman, Emmanuel or the Christ.

So, here’s my picture of “A Brave New World” …of how it can be when focus on the outer is lovingly and wisely exchanged for the majesty of contemplating inner worlds. How about a Teaser Advertising Campaign that includes every major and minor manufacturer, retailer, shop owner in your neighborhood and mine. Ads are carried by all the media…print, radio,TV, cable, social media…everyone is part of this bombardment that simply offers a greater idea. Here is a sampling of some of the messages that show up here, there and everywhere. If you’re alive and in the world, you can’t escape them! And, since we all know where the shops and stores are and advertisers have their names on the ads, people do clearly know where to go in order to shop for what they desire. It’s a win/win with a new spin!

  • Have you looked within yourself lately…do you know what really makes you tick?
  • When you do that, do you like, appreciate and respect what you see?
  • Do you believe there is an as yet undiscovered answer to todays local and global problems?
  • Do you believe in the possibility that we can all work together to turn things around?
  • What do you think it would take to do this?
  • Do you feel there is much more that you have to give?
  • How do you keep yourself safe, sound and smart in light of current conditions?
  • Do you participate in any beneficial and helpful practices that could broadly be described as spiritual while not necessarily religious?
  • What is your vision for the holidays this year?
  • What is included in your gift giving this year that is intangible, doesn’t need wrapping, didn’t cost a ‘red cent’ and doesn’t need to be exchanged?
  • Who do you rank among the world’s greatest philosophers, mystics, spiritual teachers and scholars?
  • Who is it about time you forgave this holiday season?
  • What are the three most important things you most value in your life?
  • Are you a willing spokesperson for voicing your spiritual views?
  • Bring your answers as well as your own questions to our store this year. We have marvelous gifts to suit all tastes…and many surprises related to the above offered Self-Inquiry.

This is my charge to myself and others this year. Orchestrate your holidays differently. Make a commitment to bring an authentic and inwardly inspired gift of yourself to your family, friends, co-workers…the world. Lift your thought to that Divinely motivated and inspired something which already knows what “It” wants to reveal through and by means of you. “You are the light of the world.” Let it shine and you’ll marvel at how the luminosity spreads from you to others and from them to still more others.

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:Following your morning meditation, remain in an inwardly poised and quiet state of alertness, while completely relaxed. Let your journal be handy as you pose a question to the Infinite Inner Knower, along with providing a highly receptive state of listening attentively to inner wisdom. Let the intention be along the following lines: “I know that during this Holiday Season there is a new and greater way for me to be a Lightbearer of wisdom and love for all those in my midst. I Am open and receptive to the Divine guidance, direction and instructions which I know are already within me, and which I Am now eager and willing to be aware of. “Speak my Divine Muse…my listening ear is yours.” Then, partake of what is mystically described as ‘lowly listening’…and if not instantaneously, know in due course you receive what you have asked for and an exciting new journey begins that blesses you and everyone in your world.

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:I wait patiently for that to surface which I know is already within myself. Answers, solutions, greater ideas and new possibilities to be all that I spiritually and potentially Am are revealed. I Am open and receptive to the flow of information that teaches me the higher ways to make a difference in my world and to be a beneficial presence to all in my midst. I touch the indwelling Universal Soul of myself by reaching out to this same Oneness of Being that is the Truth of everyone. I meet my answers from a place of recognition and resonance, aware that there is only One Power, One Presence, One LIfe and I Am its living embodiment, as are all. I bring my gifts from the sacredness of my Self to that which is sacred within all, and suddenly there is more life, love, light, joy and peace, wherever I Am, since wherever I Am, God Is. I rest easy in knowing the true meaning and embodiment of declaring, “Now There is peace and good will on earth, and it all begins with me!” I give thanks that this is the way it really is and so I let it be!

Abundant and loving blessings during this and all seasons!
Dr. Sue

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