“We’re having a heat wave…” and so it goes, The farmers of the United States tell far more of a catastrophic story about that, than the one I’m telling myself, I’m sure of that. So, here’s the scoop. The degree of ‘heat’ I experience when I step outside, is in direct proportion to the ‘inner heat’ I carry in the way of impatience, inflexibility, irritation, dissatisfaction, judgement and frustration. Shall I continue? In the interests of amplification, repetition and soul remembrance…yes, I continue. These are some of the fundamental Universal conditions that have to be met in order that we consistently access and experience inner and outer equilibrium, harmony and balance, particularly in the midst of circumstantial evidence that life sucks.


  1. Thou shalt meditate in silence and solitude first thing upon awakening each morning. You are encouraged to start where you are…meaning if you’re an occasional meditator…sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t…you ‘do it’ when you feel like it, start with 5 minutes and let the time you invest, increase daily from there. You may choose one of many meditative methods…contact me by e-mail, and I’m happy to give specifics.
  2. Thou shalt set a clear and conscious vision, intention, goal for the day. What is pending in your life that requires your clearest thought and most precise desired outcome? You know your purpose, mission, that greater idea that wants to express as who and what you are. Stop pretending you don’t know. Go beyond your intellect thinking mind to the deeper place of intelligence and all-knowingness within, the very heart and soul of your Self that knows exactly what is yours to do.
  3. Thou shalt impress your conscious objective deeply into Universal Subjective Mind with affirmative prayer. You may have another name for it. In Science of Mind it is spiritual mind treatment. In mystic Christianity it is a centering prayer. Call it whatever you choose, as long as it is a means of deepening your personal sense of oneness with the Universal, Higher Power, Divine Mind, Creative Spirit, God.
  4. Thou shalt select an inspirational reading from one of the sacred scriptures to solidify your conscious contact with the Divine. Read and let the words sink into the very depth of your being, where they truly are a catalyst for a ‘conversion experience’ from human limits into a spiritual reality which plants you firmly in the Absolute Field of Infinite Possibilities, from which the idea takes form in your world.
  5. Thou shalt move into your day mindfully maintaining conscious contact with your Divine I Am Self. That means your consistent state of being is one of kindness, generosity, patience, helpfulness, service and wisdom with every person with whom you cross paths…including on the freeway. You remain in dominion of your consciousness, remembering that you are no longer a victim of circumstances, only a victim of your own consciousness and the moment by moment choices you make.

This gives you the idea of some of the spiritual practices and disciplines that are required in order to step up and on to the bigger stage of your life. Having just watched the Olympic Games, we have witnessed the Olympian spirit in others…let this be the day you realize there is a Universal Olympian in each and every one of us. And…it is up to us to identify with it and to free its qualities of Being into expression through all that we think, feel, say and do. Go for the gold and I’ll meet you at the finish line with your medal!

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:Follow the above five steps each day; taking each step more deeply into your consciousness and actions and you will provide yourself with the spiritual kick start that will bless and benefit not just you, but everyone, near and far!

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:My mighty inner vision in the greater Reality of LIfe, is God’s vision of Itself as me. I identify with my spiritual nature. I realize that since “I Am created in the image and likeness of God,” then I Am a mighty creative force for good in the world. What I engage my consciousness in, becomes my actions in the world. I choose to give the highest and the best of myself to one and all. Therefore, I exude the Divine joy, order, giving Spirit, love and wisdom of God, which is forever in expression for me and through me. I know that there is something unique and profound for me to give to the family of the earth and I start by giving myself the awareness that wherever I Am, God Is and all that God Is, I Am. I benefit and bless all those around me, starting with myself and the world is a better place right where I stand and beyond. I give thanks this is so and so it is!

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Abundant and loving blessings during this and all seasons!
Dr. Sue

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