Whether I speculate about the future or reminisce about the past, I do it in the present moment. So, what if, instead of doing so much ‘time travel’ in my mind, I devoted my present moments to having a personal relationship with the Self that is behind all my human considerations? Here’s what my calendar might look like today…and that could extend itself into tomorrow and all my tomorrows:

  • I start each new day, by first meditating. Perhaps, I focus on my breath entering and then leaving my body. Or, I may silently repeat a mantra (God Is…on the inhale, I Am…on the exhale). If new to meditation, begin with just five minutes and gradually build to thirty minutes or more.
  • I do sacred readings from ancient scriptures or contemporary spiritual writings; for example, have you worked daily with Creative Thought Magazine or Science of Mind Magazine?
  • I journal my intention for the day. I focus on what I choose to experience during the course of my waking hours and how I want to feel.
  • I write an affirmation declaring this intention into Universal Mind, in the certainty that it returns through its own mysterious creative process, as my life experience. (Remember, an affirmation is always written or spoken:
    1. In the personal tense.
    2. In the the present moment.
    3. And is always stated as a positive.
      For example, if your intention for the day is to approach all your experiences with wisdom and kindness, your affermation can be: I Am in charge of my every experience and in every moment today, I free Spirit to think, speak, act and interact with wisdom and kindness through and by means of me.
  • I articulate or write what I Am grateful for.
  • I now quietly and calmly make my entrance into the now moments of this new day, certain that there is that within me, which is the Real

made of Infinite Intelligence and Unconditional Love, which is ready, willing and amply equipped with whatever each moment requires, because this Self knows, “ALL IS WELL!”Just imagine how good you feel, when regardless of what unfolds, you maintain your conscious awareness of the Presence of the Self, which navigates you smoothly through any and all rough waters, thanks to your remembrance, that right where you are the Divine Stuff of which you are made, rises to the occasion, holding high its power statement for this time and all times: ALL IS WELL!

I set the tone within my awareness in the highest and mightiest way I know. This way is my affirmation that wherever I Am, God Is Being God through and by means of me and ALL IS WELL. I take charge of my thoughts, feelings and actions, since I know they are cause to my every experience. I think, feel and express from the total and complete Self I know God forever Is…as me. I give thanks for identifying with the qualities of my Divine nature of Love, Intelligence, Creativity, Patience, Faith, Balance and Order. I equally give thanks for the Law of Life moving through my thoughts and arriving on my doorstep with the equivalent people, places and things that are…my life. And, so begins a new moment, day, year and realization that God Is, All Are…I Am, ALL IS WELL and…gratefully this is the way it really is!

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Abundant and loving blessings during this and all seasons!
Dr. Sue

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