If I really knew from the ground up who and what I Am… a spiritual being interiorly made of Godly stuff…in what ways would I be freer of: The need for other people’s approval, of the indecisiveness I experience, of asking for others’ advise, of repelling the Essential Love I Am in Spirit and Truth. That’s just for starters…now let’s take it higher and touchier. If I really knew from the ground up who and what I Am…a sparking individualization of the spiritual nature of God, how would my relationships look different and would I treat the people in my life differently, what would my body look, feel and be like doing work I adore that ‘turns me on’…and what about my bank account…would there not be more than enough and then some?

Not to say that fulfilling the Infinite Potential of our true Self is all about, money, love, work and health. And, yet it is, since that’s the human environment we have incarnated in and through which we are to express our spiritual skills in order to navigate with greater wisdom, compassion, creativity and ease. We think and feel ourselves into being…that’s the bottom line. How come? Because Life is consciousness…every aspect of what we see in our human experience originated with a series of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perceptions. And, it’s not those isolated, transient thoughts that drifted into our awareness yesterday and wafted away today. It’s the consistent pattern of where we go when the ‘going gets tough,’ when he, she or they do or say what they do that is the knee jerk reaction that becomes our reaction. It’s you and me being our predictable, “There he/she goes again.” It’s what our mates, partners, kids, co-workers, friends and relatives all lovingly put up with because it’s so us. In metaphysical terms, it’s the automatic pilot we kick into that’s not consciously reexamined or reevaluated in light of what’s currently happening, but rather the Pavlovian reaction to what we probably did 10, 20, 30 years ago within what we perceive as a similar situation that takes us right back to a probably painful experience we now continue to defend ourselves against happening again…and yet, here it seems to be.

A spiritual journey thankfully takes us beyond all that and into a new level of here and now consciousness that demands we STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before doing anything. It’s where spiritual practice provides more artful tools. It’s the “pause that refreshes.” It’s the moment we take a deep breath, stop grabbing for that familiar and dangerous hot poker and thinking through a deep breath, ask, “What would the higher Self I know I Am say and do here?” And, then we listen to what invariably comes through as a direct response to our calling upon the higher faculties and Divine forces within ourselves. Somehow we then have recognition of everything that elevates ourselves and others, knowing it is designed from the Universal Mind Itself operating in, through and as all of us. We are the conscious vehicles for an enlightened, illumined, awakened new level of evolutionary manifestation. “Here Comes the Sun”…let’s all take off our designer sunglasses and lift our eyes to the brilliance of seeing who we all are and what a mighty mission is ours to fulfill. If not you and me, who…and if not now, when?

AWARENESS CONTEMPLATION:When engaging your sacred morning, quiet time, use your meditation as a means of taking you to the very depth of your inner being. When you feel a sense of peace and release from the outer seductions, ask in simplicity and receptivity of your inner muse: “What is it that who I really Am is now prepared to bring to my life…at home, work and play in a new and expanded way of spiritual contribution, humanly benefiting those around me?”

AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER:As I dare to more fully embrace the wonder, wisdom and wholeness of who and what I really Am…God as me, I realize there is more for me to give to the world through the unique qualities and resources that are my mark of my spiritual identity. I Am willing to commit to my spiritual practices and through my meditation and affirmative prayer, I ask and receive the answers to all I seek and the ways and means to successfully accomplish what is mine to do. I maintain inner composure and equilibrium with which to stay centered and anchored in my ground of Divine Being. I give thanks for living from the inside out and for contributing my gifts to the family of the earth, so that, “I, as I Am lifted, lift all others unto me.”

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